Letters to the Editor

Property tax: Talk about a burden; Does one group speak for Southlake?; Is it time for a change?; Denied services for disabilities; Make immigration plan fair; Throw Congress out.

Property tax: Talk about a burden

The Star-Telegram Editorial Board decried abolishing property taxes in favor of a sales tax as “not realistic” and echoed the argument that it would hurt “the average Texan.” And a letter writer that same day decried the income tax as a “burden.”

Which is more burdensome (and unfair and “unrealistic”) — taxes such as income and sales taxes, which at least are based on one’s income ability to pay or on one’s spending, and which are “single-tax taxes” (tax is only once on a given amount earned or item purchased) — or the property tax, which is based only on what some bureaucrats say your property is worth (even though it probably generates no income) and taxes you year after year on that same property for as long as you own it, even until you die?

Judy Jones, Fort Worth

Does one group speak for Southlake?

As Southlake residents for more than 30 years, we take umbrage (“Community implores Carroll ISD to keep football coach Hal Wasson,” Feb. 6.)

The article quotes a couple of speakers at a school board meeting, with one saying, “I speak for all of the football families.” Southlake has 30,000 residents. The people speaking at the board meeting represent a minuscule number of the Southlake community.

Barry and Barbara

Johnson, Southlake

Is it time for a change?

Two numbers that perfectly explain everything that is wrong with our federal government: Congress currently has an 11 percent approval rate and an expected re-election rate of 95 percent.

Wayne Hathaway,


Denied services for disabilities

I read an article that spoke about how children in some schools in Texas were denied services for their disabilities.

My grandson was one of those victims. My daughter had to get testing done and also enroll him in a private school because Peaster school district labeled him dumb! That said, I believe my daughter should sue the school district for the added expenses they have incurred to send my grandson to a private school.

Ray Cuellar,

Central Point, Ore.

Make immigration plan fair

It is ironic that a party that touts family and biblical values so far seems to indicate they would prefer an immigration plan that reflects neither.

Sen. John Cornyn seems to only want one that satisfies Trump. Harsh immigration policies can cause severe hardships on families.

Immigrants have been called almost every name imaginable, and yet they are created and loved by God. Our ancestors came here looking for a better life, and the immigrants that are already here should be given the same opportunity.

Roger Hokanson, Hurst

Throw Congress out

When will the public demand limited terms for Congress? A two- to six-year stretch is enough for any man or woman to be pressed into making laws and issuing public opinions — often about issues they don’t understand.

And when will we demand a clear and systematic vetting of congressional candidates? Are they truly qualified? Do we want to continue watching Congress fail the American public?

Every year they know they have a job to do — prepare a budget. Yet they prefer to close the government over an issue that has nothing to do with the budget. Throw the rascals out! .

Don P. Adams, Arlington