Letters to the Editor

100th anniversary of RFC plane crash; No draft dodgers in White House; Don’t vote for incumbent; Was GOP to blame for shutdown?; Still get paid for dropping the ball.

Vernon Castle funeral in downtown Fort Worth.
Vernon Castle funeral in downtown Fort Worth. Star-Telegram archives

100th anniversary of RFC plane crash mourned

One hundred years ago 7,000 British and Canadian personnel of the Royal Flying Corps were guests here at three newly constructed air bases. Capt. Vernon Castle was arguably the most famous of the RFC contingent in Fort Worth.

An Englishman, he was a decorated combat veteran flier as well as a world famous dancer and silent film star. After losing a cadet in a crash in Canada he made it a practice to give the back “safe” seat to the cadet. In the front seat the occupant was likely to be crushed by the engine or structure in the event of a crash.

It was as he was avoiding a midair collision at Benbrook that he died. His student, U.S. Army Air Service Cadet R. Peters, survived.

On Feb. 15 we will observe the 100th anniversary of this accident, which occurred at 8:15 a.m.. We will meet at Greenwood Memorial Park’s Royal Flying Corps Cemetery just before 8 a.m. for a brief, informal gathering to mark the passing of a great man 100 years earlier. We will drink a toast in his memory, and maybe say a prayer. All are invited to attend.

Griffin T. Murphey,

Fort Worth

No draft dodgers in White House!

When I got draft notices, I tried to get in the Coast Guard. They were swamped by others that didn’t believe in the grand turkey shoot called the Vietnam War. I joined the Navy.

But there is no excuse for a draft dodger to be placed in the White House, not by the voters, but by the Electoral College.

Jack Brocious, Grapevine

Don’t vote for incumbent

It is pointless to delegate blame for the government shutdown. We all know who is responsible; the Republicans and the Democrats. We also know to how fix the problem; remove from office those persons whose action (or in many cases inaction) create the problems that continue to persist.

Most of us are familiar with concept that the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result. By that definition, the most insane thing any of us can do in November is to cast a vote for an incumbent candidate.

We will continue to get inadequate government if we vote for an incumbent.

Steven Katten, Fort Worth

Was GOP to blame for shutdown?

The Republicans are to blame for the shutdown. The CHIP bill should have been taken care of before it expired, and DACA could have been handled years ago and certainly right after President Trump rescinded it. They’ve been holding both children and Dreamers hostage for a long time.

Instead, they chose to put forth a lame repeal and replace bills followed by the lame tax scam bill, both of which were not supported by the majority of citizens.

Franya Wilhelm, Arlington

Still get paid for dropping the ball

On Friday our elected leaders in Washington, both parties, failed miserably to do their job and allowed the federal government to shut down. But guess what? ... they still get paid!

Meanwhile our military, federal law enforcement and other essential federal employees are continuing to do their jobs 24/7 and are NOT getting paid.

Is this a great country or what?

Bob McCown, Arlington