Letters to the Editor

Let the Dreamers stay in U.S.; Immigrants get the flu, too; Transit Alliance needs more money; What’s right in Texas higher education?; Thankful for freedom.

A protester in downtown Los Angeles in 2017.
A protester in downtown Los Angeles in 2017. TNS

Let the Dreamers stay in U.S.

Texas Sen. John Cornyn has been a strong supporter of the Dreamers and of an acceptable solution to Trump’s abrupt cancellation of DACA. The Dreamers are hard workers; some are students; all are nonviolent; all are working toward a better future for themselves and our country. From education to research to the service industries, they contribute a great deal to our daily life

With the arbitrary DACA deadline Trump imposed, Cornyn nust stand up to Republicans and keep his word. He must fight for these people who know no other country and have no place to “go back to.”

Call Sen. Cornyn’s office and demand that he make Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell bring DACA to the floor for a vote, as promised after the last budget extension. The lives of around 700,000 people are in our hands.

Judy Alter, Fort Worth

Immigrants get the flu, too

A letter writer has a real problem with unauthorized immigrants getting free flu shots while he has to pay $25. He seems to miss the point: more flu shots, the less flu bugs that are being spread around.

Frank L. Matthews,

Fort Worth

Transit alliance needs more money

The Tarrant Transit Alliance (TTA) is a coalition in support of increased funding of public transportation. We know that increased transit funding transforms cities economically and gets people to their jobs, schools and churches.

The city gets 2 cents of sales tax — Why reallocate the half-cent used by the Crime Control and Prevention District? A well-funded police force keeps our streets safe. If the City Council will not fund transit with property tax, could we use the cent that’s directed into the general fund, or money from ending the TIFs?

Fort Worth is the least-funded Texas city for public transit. Compare our $71.32 operating funding per capita to Dallas’ $254.60. Our population is increasing; we must improve public transportation infrastructure now. But taking police funds is not the right choice.

Rachel Albright,

Fort Worth

What’s right in Texas higher education?

▪ Higher education continues to advance research, policy changes and organizational changes with a focus on inclusion and diversity.

▪ Higher education continues to focus on the retention of students beyond the freshman year and the challenges that may cause students to drop out or delay their education, including financial concerns, parental and family support, and university support.

▪ Higher education continues to evolve with the rapid advances in technology to support academic and student success. It continues to adopt new technologies to advance the processes for recruiting, admission, retention, learning, student success, and completion.

Please support higher education in Texas and focus on what is right.

Jo Ann Kern, Weatherford

Thankful for freedom

Every morning I am presented with your pages full of anti-American and anti-Christian content. I sometimes feel I am back reading “Revolucion” or “Pravda” from when I was enslaved in my native Cuba.

Thank God I am still free!

Hector R. Casanova,