Letters to the Editor

A true patriot does his duty’; ‘It’s the rank, not the man’; Poverty not the poor’s fault; Did U.S. voters get snowed?; Gun violence inaction.

A true patriot does his duty

Missing among President Trump’s guests at his State of the Union speech was the man who replaced him in Vietnam.

I hope he did not return home beneath the flag that our president espouses to love.

Kneeling or standing during our national anthem does not define patriotism; however, carrying Old Glory into battle does. During Vietnam, one rich man’s bone spurs kept him safely on the golf course; for the kid who went in Trump’s stead, his only course required courage, not a caddy.

A true patriot doesn’t evade duty; he or she shoulders it despite fear. Stroll along the Vietnam Wall and see their names. Weeping allowed.

What you feel emanating from that field of glassy black is sacrifice; the fall-down-on-your-knees kind that was bloody, selfless and forever.

What you see are heroes whose names beckon attendees to stand in silent gratitude for young lives spent on buying the freedoms that every American expects.

Even draft dodgers.

Mary Alice Altorfer,

New Braunfels

‘It’s the rank, not the man’

In 2001 a miniseries on HBO, “Band of Brothers,” depicted a captain walking past a major without saluting. The major confronted the captain and stated, “You salute the rank, not the man.”

The boycotting, nonapplauding left-wingers during the State of the Union message should show respect to the rank of commander-in-chief whether you like the man or not. It takes a lot less effort to have class than to have none at all.

Hal Johnson, Bedford

Poverty not the poor’s fault

There are many reasons for poverty: loss of jobs, health concerns, failing pensions and high housing costs to name a few. Often, people are impoverished through no fault of their own. To truly address poverty, we must first accept it’s not a character flaw.

Over 5 million Americans exist in absolute poverty, and yet the minimum wage is just $7.25 an hour and hasn’t increased in seven years. Healthcare and housing costs have skyrocketed. The minimum wage must be raised, and Americans deserve single-payer healthcare.

Sharla Riddle, Granbury

Did U.S. voters get snowed?

President Trump snowed 63 million Americans into thinking he could make America great.

I think it was already great for him if he could fly around in a private jet with his name emblazoned across it. Sixty-six million people were not duped.

I hope that just as the Republicans labeled Obama’s sincere attempt to help the American people as “Obamacare,” so Trump’s greedy and cruel healthcare policy should be known as “Trump Care-less.” He and the Republicans could not care less about the general public in America.

Gary B. Hicks, Fort Worth

Gun violence inaction

Barely three weeks into 2018 and there have already been 11 school shootings in the U.S.

Hope Congress doesn’t waste a bunch of time on common-sense gun laws. Thoughts and prayers are working so well.

Bart Baker, Alvarado