Letters to the Editor

Granger eyes chair of key committee; Flu shots for migrants stir anger; Trials for young adults not speedy; Pledge allegiance to Amazon?; Wasting time on jury duty; Trump tougher than mustard gas.

Congresswoman Kay Granger speaks to the Star-Telegram editorial board July 5.
Congresswoman Kay Granger speaks to the Star-Telegram editorial board July 5. dkent@star-telegram.com

Granger eyes chair of key committee

I hope that U.S. Rep Kay Granger is successful in her bid to chair the House Appropriations Committee next year. She has accomplished so much as a congresswoman and in her role as chairwoman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.

With Rep. Granger’s tremendous support of our military and the Pentagon’s concern with climate issues, I hope Granger can become involved with climate issues.

As of now, there are 68 members of Congress on the Climate Caucus (including 34 Republicans), but we don’t have a Texas representative on the caucus. I would fully support Rep. Granger as the first Texan.

Jacqueline Carney,


Flu shots for migrants stir anger

So the issue is that those here illegally have to pay for their flu shots? (Kennedy column, Wednesday)

Big deal. Democrats have been telling us for years that everyone here illegally is working hard, paying their bills and doing what’s best for their families.

But they can’t afford a flu shot? I have insurance, but I still have to pay for mine.

If Bud is so upset, I’m sure that JPS will accept his offer to pay the tab for anyone here illegally who can’t afford a $25 shot.

Keith Branyon, Fort Worth

Trials for young adults not speedy

County prosecutors lock up young adults over age 17 for up to 24 months for he-said, she-said crimes.

They deny them medical care, education, therapy and hearings because they are supposedly too busy. They also move them from one jail to another farther away, making it more difficult for relatives to visit.

What happened to their right to a speedy trial under the U.S. and state Constitutions? What kind of justice is this? I say it is more like incompetence!

Susann M. Eller, Burleson

Pledge allegiance to Amazon?

Who is the genius who superimposed the Amazon.com logo over the state flag? (“Texas won’t rely on incentives to win Amazon,” Jan. 26)

The flag is backward!

Disrespectful — ignorant — embarrassing.

W.A. Grammer,

Fort Worth

Wasting time on jury duty

Sixty of us were summoned to jury duty in district court. The defense attorney told us that if you were juror No. 32-60 you were there to watch, since they started selection from No. 1 and not from the entire pool of 60.

But both sides questioned people in the No. 40s-60s, wasting time.

Please spare us the drama and limit jury pools to 40 or pick a jury from the entire pool.

It’s $19 for parking and fighting traffic, and then to be told to enjoy the show even though you weren’t being considered.

Start from Juror No. 1 and ask us each questions, then keep us or send us home immediately.

Anthony Moore,


Trump tougher than mustard gas

President Trump is doing a great job. He’s tougher than mustard gas and will eventually drain the swamp like we want. I want to see him tough on Dreamers and NAFTA.

Good for the no-prisoners attitude. It’s been needed for a long time. Get out of the city and see what the majority of Texans want.

M. Leon Teddlie, Whitt