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Ballpark’s future; water board; Ann Sutherland

Texas Rangers fans stand in 1994 as the late Van Cliburn joins the Fort Worth Symphony to play the national anthem and open what was then named the Ballpark in Arlington.
Texas Rangers fans stand in 1994 as the late Van Cliburn joins the Fort Worth Symphony to play the national anthem and open what was then named the Ballpark in Arlington. Star-Telegram

Ballpark’s future

It seems strange that Arlington city leaders such as Mayor Robert Cluck and challenger Jeff Williams choose to oppose each other in a mayoral election where both usually draw support from the same city leadership group.

Williams and Cluck both have strong support from our business, city and school leaders. However, I would like to call one detail to your attention.

Former Mayor Richard Greene recently announced his support for Williams, who will provide strong support for a new, covered ballpark for the Texas Rangers when the present park is paid for.

Perhaps this is the result of long-range planning by Greene to elect a younger mayor who will have plenty of time to convince Arlington residents to spend their tax money on a new stadium.

This may be only the first salvo for demolishing a beautiful stadium.

— Kenneth R. Pickett, Arlington

Buying water board?

Something is wrong with this picture!

Item: The Tarrant Regional Water District with its subordinate Trinity River Vision Authority bought a 37.679-acre parcel near LaGrave Field for $16 million, ostensibly for flood control. The full 50 acres, appraised at $11 million, has significant environmental issues. However, TRWD/TRVA chose to avoid eminent domain and pay a premium price.

Item: After deriding a Dallas resident who owns property in Fort Worth and supports water board challengers, it turns out that board incumbents have received 11 contributions from Dallas residents (including billionaires) for $104,000 and eight contributions from outside Fort Worth for another $72,400.

To add insult to injury, the same PAC spent $108,424.76 in Dallas and Austin for campaign expenses.

Who’s really buying the water board?

— Clyde Picht, Fort Worth

Voting for Sutherland

Three years ago, the Fort Worth school district was considering changes in school libraries that would affect library access.

I’m not a school district employee, nor do I have children who attend Fort Worth schools. However, I care about a school’s place in the neighborhood.

Because I live in an area represented by school board member Ann Sutherland, I contacted her about the changes.

She met with me to discuss my concerns. She listened to me, and she voiced my concerns to the board.

I attended the next two board meetings, but I wasn’t present when the decision was made to discontinue having library clerks in most elementary schools.

Ann Sutherland went to the trouble to let me know why the decision was made.

Because Ann Sutherland tries to truly represent the voters who put her on the school board, I am proud to say I am voting for her.

— Kathleen Evans, Fort Worth


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