Letters to the Editor

It’s the United States of cliques; Be leery of surveys; How do you raise more tax revenue; Six figures for high school coaches! Military spendthrifts.

It’s the United States of cliques

The Opinions page reflects problems plaguing our country. People have divided into cliques, each claiming, “We’re right, you’re wrong!”

Discussion is impossible, save namecalling.

Egocentrism precludes compromise, because elected adults behave like middle-schoolers? They are abetted by leaders who lie to us on levels previously unimaginable! Facts “don’t matter” and challenges to one’s beliefs are “fake news?”

The reason?

As long as we remain divided, we are easier to control, because the collective power of the people is split among our cliques.

Winning has become more important than behaving responsibly, cooperating, and problem-solving!

Robert Moore,

Fort Worth

Be leery of surveys

The responses to an online survey conducted by Councilman Cary Moon on sanctuary cities were mischaracterized (“Fort Worth councilman releases SB4 survey results,” Jan. 26.)

These responses are not a vote. Rather, they are simply a response. As UT Arlington professor Marshall Thompson said, such surveys do not accurately gauge voter sentiment.

Grassroots activities have an important role in our country, but that role should never be regarded as “voting” or as representative of the majority.

Robin Sloane, Fort Worth

How do you raise more tax revenue?

We should thank Richard Greene for explaining the complexities of funding our local governments and for telling state Republican representatives to “leave the people in charge.” (“Rabble-rousing over property tax relief,” Sunday).

However, Mr. Greene does not give us suggestions for raising additional tax revenue.

Local governments are backed into a corner because they have primarily two sources of tax revenue: property taxes and the state sales tax.

Further increase in these taxes is becoming less of an option. Without increased revenue, our cities and school districts will have to start cutting services (This is already starting to happen.)

Can we impose a state income tax to help solve our problem, as 43 states do? Our Texas Constitution limits the imposition of a state income tax, so that is not a realistic option.

We must challenge our city, county and state elected officials to come up with innovative ways to solve this serious funding problem.

Charles R. Foreman,


Six figures for high school coaches!

With a salary of $154,900, Carthage High School coach Scott Surratt’s job should be to coach a winning team. But because he increased ticket sales he gets a $20,000 raise; making his salary three times the local median income.

The one good thing about this is that a school district finally admits that athletics are far more important than academics. My sympathies lie with the teachers receiving less but expected to do more.

Who’s responsible for less-than-outstanding education? The superintendent and athletics.

Pat Loftin, Jacksboro

Military spendthrifts

Why do we want to spend so much on military? It is an incredible amount.

So much domestically could be used with the billions and billions. Does anyone care?

David Jones, Arlington