Letters to the Editor

Taxes pay for kids’ education; Is it time to end Russia inquiry?; NRA-Russia links surprise some; Rising number of uninsured; Party wars are still raging; Get the DREAM Act passed.

President Trump met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and others in May.
President Trump met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and others in May. NYT

Taxes pay for kids’ education

A reader wrote Wednesday that he is 80 and doesn’t want to pay for anyone’s education, healthcare etc. (“Property taxes are just too high,” Letters, Wednesday.)

Sir, you are helping for the education of those all around us in society, as your parents and grandparents did for you and your entire generation. Along with the property rights you mention, our founders also believed that a free public education — paid for by all members of the community — was an important bedrock principle of our democracy.

Roberta Hill, Southlake

Is it time to end Russia inquiry?

As we go to the polls this year for our U.S. senators and U.S. House members, I believe it is time to elect those who will end the Russia investigation.

I don’t believe Russia interfered in our elections at all. I believe the threat we face in America is from President Erdogan of Turkey, who has proven he can use his bodyguards as bullies as he did while he visited D.C.

I wonder how all his allies, including Kay Granger, can continue a caucus called the Congressional Caucus on Turkey and Turkish-Americans.

What we need to do is simply vote out Granger and any other member of Congress who is a Erdogan ally who belongs to that caucus. We need to show up and vote Erdogan’s friends out the door.

John Davis, Fort Worth

NRA-Russia links surprise some

I was very surprised to read that the NRA had executives who went over to Russia and had dinners and meetings and accepted $30 million from some Russian oligarch.

I thought the NRA was an organization strictly associated with the United States. This makes it look like the NRA has turned into some Russian communist sympathizers.

Robert Wickstrom,

Fort Worth

Rising number of uninsured

I wonder why news never reports on the important question of Medicaid and CHIP. (“Number of Uninsured Grows,” Sunday.)

Medicaid enrollment grew by 8,984,000 from October 2014 to October 2016. These people have not lost their healthcare.

For many who are no longer covered by insurance, it’s because premiums and co-payments have increased to the point they can no longer afford or can choose not to be covered. The people who choose not to be covered are not Trump’s fault.

Ronald Dupree, Azle

Party wars are still raging

The left wing ultraliberal Democrats still don’t have any understanding of why their candidate lost. Yes, those voting for President Trump did know the man he is.

But they also knew the woman that Hillary Clinton is and what she represented, and therefore made the only reasonable choice for our country’s best interest.

We are a sovereign nation founded on the Bible and respect for individual rights, and we don’t wish to be like other countries that are socialist, disrespect the rule of law, hold no virtue or have open borders.

We support legal immigration, respect free speech, the right for equal opportunity, the right to go to work and succeed on your own merit, helping those with real needs, loving our neighbors, and respecting the American flag and what it stands for.

God bless the president and the U.S.A.

Don Warner, Arlington

Get the DREAM act passed

Sens. Cornyn and Cruz have a little over two weeks until the current continuing resolution expires.

That’s how long their window is to do the right and decent thing to protect Dreamers. They have a chance to rescue your party from the nativist, populist, quite frankly racist turn it has taken.

This is not what the Republican Party stood for when I grew up. Presidents Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43 realized that immigrants are our strength.

They literally replenish our nation’s intellectual capital every generation and allow the U.S. to cull the best and brightest from around the world and make them Americans.

Pass a clean DREAM Act. Pass it and keep the government open and pass a responsible full-year budget. They have got two weeks.

That’s plenty of time to figure out something that none of them love but everyone can live with — a compromise.

Rohit V. Puskoor, M.D.,

Fort Worth