Letters to the Editor

Readers React: Joe Barton

Reps. Mike Doyle, D-Pa., and Joe Barton led the congressional baseball teams.
Reps. Mike Doyle, D-Pa., and Joe Barton led the congressional baseball teams. AP

Let Barton finish term in disgrace

After decades of public policy misconduct, “Smokey” Joe Barton has got to go — now?

Really? Hundreds of asthma sufferers in Tarrant County would have been better served had this self-serving politician never been in public office.

Given what we have learned this month, even Republican women have figured out he should go. He is not seeking re-election, but I am tired of paying for special elections because politicians break their social contract with the people who elected them to serve a specific term in office.

Let the casual voters reap what they sow. Let Joe finish his term in the disgrace he started earning decades ago.

Lon Burnam, Fort Worth

Nude selfies: No big deal

You suggest that Congressman Joe Barton retire over a nude selfie posted by a vindictive lover. Barton violated no laws and was having a consensual affair.

In fact, sending nude photos of yourself — sexting — has become common. And Joe Barton did not create a “significant distraction.” His former lover made the photo public.

Why would the Editorial Board ask that Congressman Barton retire, even though he has broken no law and is not accused of sexual misdeeds, and ignore more serious complaints against U.S. Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., and Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn.?

May I suggest the Editorial Board “find a new job”?

David White, Fort Worth

What if shoe were on other foot?

Wonder how readers would react if you switched the gender in the Rep. Joe Barton editorial?

“Rep. Joan Barton, a Republican from Ennis, has apologized for a nude photo of herself that appeared on the internet. She had texted it to a man years ago. … Barton says she was married and separated at the time and has acknowledged other consensual relationships with men. She is now engaged to be married again.”

Anson L Crawford III,


Vote issue on ISIS disqualifies Barton

While distasteful, this differs significantly from other recent sex scandals due to its consensual nature.

What does disqualify Barton from office is his refusal, under either President Obama or President Trump, to discharge his constitutional duty and call for a congressional vote on the ongoing war against ISIS.

In August, Sgt. Allen Stigler of Arlington died in Iraq while living his enlistment oath. Why then is it acceptable that Barton, safe in his office in Washington, has not for three years discharged his constitutional obligation and called for a vote on this war?

A man too afraid to take a difficult vote for or against war while soldiers from his district die has no business serving in Congress.

Nathan Smith, Arlington

Always goes back to Hillary, Trump

Your editorial board stated that Joe Barton should resign because he was guilty of bad judgment.

Hillary Clinton was guilty of very bad judgment. Even the director of the FBI said so.

However, I remember the Editorial Board did not recommend voting against her for president.

Phyllis Vaught, Graham

Worthy successor?

Bud Kennedy’s Sunday column spelled out the problem with worthy candidates running for election in our country.

As always, it spelled out who had the most money “to throw in the ring,” not who had the best credentials, experience and commitment or who worked extremely hard in a run against a well-known politician with a huge war chest.

Ruby Faye Woolridge ran against Joe Barton in 2016, came the closest anyone has ever come without a lot of money. I know because I was a part of that campaign.

Instead of how much money she has to spend, look at the experience, and commitment of this woman who for 30-plus years been an advocate for education, integrity, and fairness to all.

Pat Connolly, Arlington

Student loans are burden of young

Student loans are the new indentured servitude. In the Reagan years, dirty bankers got together with our crooked politicians to rig the education system so that nearly all Americans would spend their prime earning years working for the banks instead of putting money away for retirement or building wealth.

Sadly this further drove up the cost of college since the easy student loans could allow universities to raise their tuition, further exacerbating, extending and inflating the student loan indentured servitude of our young.

What should have been an investment in our own citizens has instead become a vehicle to hold us all back as citizens and as a nation.

But the bankers are getting rich and campaign dollars keep rolling in. It’s just treasonous what our politicians are doing.

Michael Evangelista-

Ysasaga, Fort Worth