Letters to the Editor

Not all laws are good; Do I have to give up my privacy in public restrooms?; Beware of conservative officials; How far right can Texas go?; Is Abbott plumb out of ideas?

Not all laws are good

Mayor Betsy Price said, “SB4 is the law and Fort Worth has always followed the law,” (Sanctuary city story, July 19).

I would remind Price that at one time Plessy vs. Ferguson (establishing the “separate but equal” segregation policy) was overturned by Brown vs. the Board of Education (“Separate is inherently not equal.”)

Bad laws must be changed.

Clarence Nixon, Fort Worth

Restroom rights

I understand why businesses are against the proposed bathroom regulations. They are giving in to the national liberal consensus, and with good reason. A lot of money is at stake.

What I don’t understand is how a transgender person’s rights outweigh my right to a certain level of comfort and privacy in a public restroom.

Equal rights has never meant that anyone gets everything they want.

Gary Johnson, Fort Worth

Beware of conservative officials

It sure is more difficult being a conservative these days. Not because of nonconservatives, but because of a few select conservatives who are, unfortunately, elected officials.

We have a president who uses Twitter as a personal bully pulpit, a governor who favors the ability to publicly wield a samurai sword, a lieutenant governor who thinks we need help using the bathroom, and my dear Texas House representative who thinks the No. 1 priority for the GOP is a law that allows unlicensed, untrained folks to openly carry their favorite firearm to the grocery store or day care facility of their choice.

Part of the libertarian belief is that government that governs best, governs least. If elected officials want to defend our nation, build roads, and take care of the truly needy; we’re all in. Otherwise, leave us the heck alone.

David Ross, Bedford

Just how far right can Texas go?

Just how far to the right can a state get? Gov. Greg Abbott and especially Lt. Gov. Patrick and the dozen House Freedom Caucus members seem determined to make it ultraconservative.

The vast majority of Texans don’t want our great state to get to the point that it becomes intransigent, reactionary, narrow-minded and extremist. Many of the laws being proposed in the special session smack of “Talibanism.” Many Republicans are being pressured to vote for laws they don’t want because of threats being made of running candidates against them that will be deemed “more conservative.”

The extremists in our state government couldn’t care less about how the laws they want passed will hurt business in Texas and cost the state millions in revenue. Keep your personal agenda items out of our lives and govern our state dutifully.

Brian Rosson, Fort Worth

Are Abbott and other pols out of ideas?

Between spearheading an unconstitutional legislative agenda, ignoring statewide opposition, and dodging constituents guaranteed to be affected by Senate Bill 4, Gov. Greg Abbott is busy lately … and clearly out of ideas.

Texas policymakers must be out of ideas to address our crippling poverty rate, barbaric food insecurity, and high unemployment. Rather than working to make the lives of Texas residents better or safer, they have decided to trade in fear, stoking paranoia of immigration.

It is on this altar they are willing to sacrifice civil rights of the growing (34 percent) Latino population in the state. SB4 will require mental acrobatics to justify Fort Worth police participation in the forcible removal of residents from their daily lives — the separation of families — under cover of Christian and family values. I wonder if they’ll have ideas by then.

The torch-bearers of “small government” have uncharacteristically (possibly unwittingly) backed the siphoning of local and state taxes to the federal government, a proactive and invasive police presence by the state, and the state burden of compliance and submission to the big, bad federal government’s policies in the case of SB4.

War is peace; freedom is slavery. Fear has a way of making a mockery of our values.

Elizabeth Maldonado,

Fort Worth