Letters to the Editor

Don’t blame TRS for insurance woes; Danger for Granger?; A need to engage; It’s the parents’ responsibility; Are immigrants costing us money?

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick at the Texas Capitol in Austin, Texas earlier this year.
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick at the Texas Capitol in Austin, Texas earlier this year. AP

Don’t blame TRS for insurance woes

I was disappointed to read a letter blaming the Teacher Retirement System for changes in insurance coverage and premiums (“Patrick proposes boost in benefits for teachers,” July 14).

First of all, the state Legislature provides the money. Since there was a budget shortfall, the Texas Retired Teachers Association worked very hard to get legislators to provide any money available, which amounted to $733 million.

This shortfall forced the change. We have two years to get active and encourage lawmakers to fix the problem. Join your local unit of TRTA, which works for all current and retired school employees — and maybe lean on your local legislator. You have earned your pension and health benefits!

Philo W. Waters Jr.,


Danger for Granger?

How sad that U.S. Rep. Kay Granger hasn’t had a town hall meeting in 10 years because she feels “it’s too dangerous.” I wonder if she’d feel safer if she’d voted against the bill allowing the severely mentally ill to carry guns; if she’d voted to ban military-style assault weapons with high-capacity magazines; if she’d voted for a mandatory background check before all gun purchases to prevent juveniles, criminals and gun traffickers from purchasing guns online and at gun shows?

I think Granger should meet with her constituents and explain her reasons for endorsing the GOP healthcare plan, which could deny millions coverage. But if she’s worried about safety, I’m sure that the NRA (with her A rating), would be happy to provide her with a bulletproof vest. Then she could safely proceed with a perfectly normal town hall meeting.

Sharon Austry, Fort Worth

A need to engage

Congresswoman Kay Granger’s fear of violence and the voices of passionate constituents is nothing more than an excuse not to engage them. It’s interesting that junior senator Ted Cruz held Town Halls all across the state and didn’t whine about dealing with angered citizens.

If Kay can’t stand the heat, she needs to get out of the kitchen.

Carol Guarnieri,

Fort Worth

It’s the parents’ responsibility!

I certainly appreciate Lonnie Hokanson’s concern for children who have escaped an early death through abortion! (“History Lesson for Richard Greene,” July 16 letter).

All through my 79 years on this planet, I have been of the belief that the caring and welfare of children was the responsibility of the parents.

Too many irresponsible men and women are having children (the ones they don’t abort!) — then totally expect Greene and the citizens of this country (through “social” programs) to support them. Disgusting!

Patsy R. Abbott, Grapevine

Are immigrants costing us money?

Immigrants here illegally are not following our laws and are costing us billions.

My family has been involved in three vehicle accidents, and all three drivers who caused the accidents did not have a driver’s license or insurance and did not speak English.

Our insurance has gone up. And there are no consequences for the drivers who caused the accidents.

Jerry Hibbs, Arlington