Letters to the Editor

Kay Granger, guns and town halls; Lauds for transgender letter; Homeless choose not to use shelters

Congresswoman Kay Granger speaks to the Star-Telegram editorial board Wednesday, July 5, 2017 in Fort Worth, Texas.
Congresswoman Kay Granger speaks to the Star-Telegram editorial board Wednesday, July 5, 2017 in Fort Worth, Texas. Star-Telegram

Kay Granger and town halls

I am the “man at the wedding” referred to in your Sunday (July 16) article in which Congresswoman Kay Granger stated she refuses to conduct town hall meetings.

At no time during our brief conversation did I scream at Ms. Granger. I did, as the article correctly states, ask her when she would conduct a town hall meeting.

Two things are clear: Granger represents only the constituents who voted for her. Second, she is using a recent wedding encounter in an attempt to excuse years of neglecting her constituents’ concerns and opinions.

Larry Hale, Fort Worth


I was at that wedding. The man Granger refers to is a friend of mine. In fact, we were sitting at the same table. He did indeed ask her why she didn’t have a town hall. He asked bluntly but civilly. She said it was too dangerous and reprimanded him for challenging her. Her overreaction was so extreme I was embarrassed for her.

I do not know the source of Kay’s fear of her own constituents. Perhaps it’s because she has voted for every gun bill that’s come down the pike, given she pays more attention to the demands of the NRA than to the people she represents. So now she’s afraid everyone will be packing a gun?

Kay, you were once a woman of valor. What has happened to you? You chose to be a public servant. If you are too afraid of your own constituents, either grow a spine or get a new job.

Katie Sherrod, Fort Worth


I understand why Kay Granger might choose to take the position that it is in the best interests of the health of Granger herself and of her constituents that she not hold town meetings to hear the opinions of her constituents on such matters as health care. But does she understand that her support of the Republican “health care” bill is dangerous to the health of those constituents with whom she is refusing to meet?

Jack Ellis, Burleson

Lauds for letter on transgender kids

This letter (“Where is the Transgender Threat?” Randy Jordan, July 14) is one I’ve always wanted to write.

I also have never heard about any transgender child entering a school bathroom to commit a sexual assault. The whole concern seems fake.

What I do read about all the time are stories of adults having sexual relations with children. That seems to be the real threat. I believe this bill is being considered become some judge these innocents (transgender children) as “bad” children, because they don’t fit the norm.

In the past few decades, haven’t most Americans decided that it’s OK to be gay and that a person’s gender identity should be their own business?

Maybe what some people really mean when they want to “make America great again” is that it should regress by several decades to the time when heterosexuals were allowed to harass, embarrass and bully anyone who didn’t act and look the same as them.

Melinda Vaughan, Fort Worth

Homeless choose not to use shelters

Your June 24 article on the homeless camping out under the I-35 underpass by East Lancaster left the impression that they had nowhere else to go.

The Presbyterian Night Shelter said there were a number of places in all three shelters only a short walk from the underpass.

They choose not to visit the shelters primarily because of rules necessary for the safety and well being of resident visitors.

Unfortunately this small segment of the homeless population isn’t an accurate depiction. The vast majority who seek shelter are well taken care of by our local nonprofits.

Bradley Robertson, Fort Worth