Letters to the Editor

History lesson for Richard Greene?; train whistles: power of life, death; food for thought; sex and the city; serving our nation with pride

Grapevine's Tarantula Train "Puffy" chugs past the Cotton Belt Line at-grade crossing at Bransford Road in Colleyville, Texas. A quiet crossing zone will be constructed here.
Grapevine's Tarantula Train "Puffy" chugs past the Cotton Belt Line at-grade crossing at Bransford Road in Colleyville, Texas. A quiet crossing zone will be constructed here. Star-Telegram

History lesson for Greene?

Richard Greene seems to lack knowledge of his own party’s history.

In his article of July 9 titled “When social media advertising is driven by liberal ideology,” he omits a few things.

He fails to mention when Roe v. Wade came before the Supreme Court on Jan. 22, 1973, and abortions were legalized by a 7-2 vote, six of the seven justices who voted with the majority were Republican appointees.

Could it be that Mr. Greene is confused about whose ideology supported abortion?

His love and devotion for the unborn exists only until the time of birth. To my knowledge, Mr. Greene has never supported any social program to aid or assist a living child in need.

Lonnie Hokanson, Bedford

Train whistles: Power of life, death

Who are the officials with power to shut off train whistles at crossings? That is the power of life and death (“Quiet zones at railroad crossings are popular,” June 22).

In Texas and across the U.S., our lonesome train horns are relied upon to give protective warning to residential homes and travelers. Around Fort Worth familiar calls of locomotives are reassuring reminders of civilized control of train tracks that regulate the well being of our people.

Train whistles may annoy some people, but they are a necessity for the safety of all of us.

Curtailing railroad warning signals from approaching trains should be a punishable crime.

Betty Fay, Fort Worth

Food for thought

The benefit dinner for the Tarrant Area Food Bank given jointly by Whole Foods Market, Piattello and Pioneer wines June 29 was memorable, the venue was beautiful, the company was sparkling and entertaining, and the wines were well chosen and presented with flair ( “Dinner in the ‘Grove,’” Bud Kennedy’s Eats Beat, June 28).

To clarify: Other than the cost of the wine, all proceeds as well as the time and efforts of the companies and individuals involved in the event were donated to the food bank.

Warren Gould, Fort Worth

Sex and the city

Last month I submitted a letter supporting Punch Shaw’s review of the play showing at Stage West. Now I would like to report that the current play, “Sex with Strangers,” is as good as the last play was bad. I highly recommend the new play, which is an example of the entertainment I expect from Stage West productions.

Reed K. Bilz, Fort Worth

Serving our nation with pride

I am proud to have served my country as a member of the armed service.

After graduating from Texas A&M University, I joined the Air Force to learn how to fly. I selected single seat, single-engine fighters, the Navy’s F-8 Crusader. My squadron deployed to the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Ariz., every summer to practice air-to-air gunnery. I retired as a captain, U.S. Navy Reserve.

John Tapley, Arlington

Inadvertent fake news?

A reader wrote that former FBI Director James Comey confessed he illegally leaked a classified memo to the press through a third party (Joseph Ansley, “The Trump and Comey Show,” June 29).

This is not true (the memo was not classified, and leaking it wasn’t illegal).

Every week, Richard Greene’s Sunday columns are rebuffed by your readers pointing out falsehoods, obfuscations and incomplete facts.

It is your responsibility to fact-check letters and columns so as not to become known as fake news.

Fred Darwin, Arlington

Is it time for a change in the 12th?

Spent an enlightening afternoon on Sunday, listening to Vanessa Adia, who is running for the 12th Congressional District seat in Fort Worth. Rep. Kay Granger currently holds the seat.

I feel that we have someone in office right now who is only concerned about the corporate vote. No town hall meetings or no return of emails. That is not going to cut it!

It’s time for a change. Vanessa is ready to listen and ready to act

Jim Springer, Fort Worth