Letters to the Editor

Abolish abortions?; Barton town halls; Fort Worth ISD District 9; Richland Hills vote; friendly skies

State Rep. Tony Tinderholt, R-Arlington, has proposed a bill to outlaw abortions in Texas.
State Rep. Tony Tinderholt, R-Arlington, has proposed a bill to outlaw abortions in Texas.

Abolish abortions?

An April 2 article said state Rep. Tony Tinderholt complained about not getting support for his bill to abolish abortions in Texas. This shows his ignorance about the history of women and abortions.

Long before Roe v. Wade recognized a legal right to abortion, women were having abortions either by illegal means often referred to as “back-alley abortions” or by using items such as coat hangers.

The Supreme Court ruling set in motion a safe and healthy means for women to have an abortion.

Perhaps Tinderholt should work on a bill that requires a man who impregnates a woman to be financially responsible. If the man cannot be responsible, the bill should require that he stop impregnating women.

This would show as much insight as trying to pass a bill to abolish abortions in Texas.

Let us at least continue to have legal, safe and healthy facilities available for women and families.

Elsie Koppa, Crowley

Barton town halls

U.S. Rep. Joe Barton purposely scheduled his town halls during the work day to avoid interacting with his constituents.

He also refuses to hold a town hall in Arlington, where a large majority of his voters reside.

Christina Miller, Arlington

FWISD District 9

It is crucial to have people on the Fort Worth school board who can make a difference in how our schools are rated and administered. In District 9 at the beginning of the last term, we had one school with a low rating. Today we have four unacceptable schools.

We need someone who is willing to do all the work needed to improve these schools and get these students back on track. I believe that person is Pilar Candia.

She is energetic and has mentored many young women. She also arranged for the Mexican Consulate to come to Fort Worth to secure IDs for parents who could not get into their children’s schools without it.

As a resident of Fairmount, I recommend Pilar Candia.

Lynn Johnson, Fort Worth

Richland Hills vote

Richland Hills has three outstanding choices for City Council in the May 6 election. I strongly enourage a vote for each of these great people: Place 1, Travis Malone; Place 3, Curtis Bergthold; Place 5, Athena Campbell.

These individuals will lead our city into the future.

Lindsey Ritchey,

Richland Hills

Friendly skies

PRWeek’s Communicator of the Year, United Airlines CEO Oscar Muñoz, poured fuel on the fire when he penned a statement blaming one of his “valued” paying passengers for his being pulled out of a coach-class seat.

Using bold words like “disruptive and belligerent” may sound like seventh-grade vocabulary, but tough talk directed at a single meek person, after disturbing images reflect otherwise, screams volumes.

Air travelers can now identify with the good doctor who was dragged away. Even better, now they can understand the corporation’s true motive when getting hooked on flying the friendly skies of United.

Ed Agnew, Southlake