Letters to the Editor

Benbrook bridge; school board race; Willow Park; NWISD bonds

Benbrook has discussed a bridge over the Clear Fork Trinity River to reduce emergency vehicle response times to some parts of the city.
Benbrook has discussed a bridge over the Clear Fork Trinity River to reduce emergency vehicle response times to some parts of the city. Special to the Star-Telegram

Benbrook bridge

It’s déjà vu all over again with the Clear Fork Bridge.

The Benbrook council has a $1 million solution but they have yet to find an issue that justifies $1 million to solve.

Ostensibly the council claims it is to reduce first responder response time for residents east of the Trinity River by constructing a bridge restricted to first responders via gates at each end.

A much cheaper and more effective solution is readily at hand with their neighbor: Simply structure an agreement with Fort Worth to provide immediate response for fire/EMT/police whenever there is a demand.

The tax money saved could be used to relieve Benbrook taxpayers, and the safety/security of walkers, joggers and bikers would be better protected because of less automobile congestion.

It’s a win/win for both cities, as the interests of all would be better served at less taxpayer cost.

Hopefully, common sense and fiscal responsibility will prevail.

Joseph Ansley,

Fort Worth

School board race

Cheers to Pilar Candia for Fort Worth school board District 9. The students and community deserve and need someone with the background, commitment, courage and skills to walk the talk. That is Pilar Candia.

Kirk Ninemire,


Willow Park

I have gotten to know Amy Fennell through civic activities in Willow Park over the past year. When she told me she would be running for City Council, I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Amy is passionate about making Willow Park better, with her main improvements being the water, the city’s communication with its residents and its relationships with surrounding communities.

She does her homework to understand the laws and discusses issues with industry people before suggesting a solution.

I feel Amy is the trustworthy choice. Amy has nothing ulterior to gain by being in city leadership other than making her home a better place to live.

Please join me in voting for Amy Fennell for Willow Park City Council, Place 2.

Ginger Adams,

Willow Park

NWISD bonds

I will be voting yes in the Northwest ISD bond election on May 6, and I ask all registered voters to join me.

With more than 1,000 new students enrolling in NISD each year, our schools must have room to accommodate the explosive growth in our area. It’s estimated that it will take $264 million over the next several years to build new schools, purchase land and expand existing campuses to make room for all of the new students.

If voters don’t approve this bond, it’s my fear that the school district won’t have the needed funds to maintain our schools and programs in a way that attracted us to the area in the first place.

I didn’t move here for overcrowded schools, outdated security systems and bare minimum academic programs.

The estimated monthly tax increase for our home is about the cost of a #1 at Whataburger or a couple of Gatorades at a concession stand. We will make that work.

Lesley Weaver,