Travelers rejoice, TSA wait times to be shorter



American Airlines and the Transportation Security Administration hate the wait too.

This spring, long lines at TSA checkpoints made many miss their flights or even sleep in airports.

TSA blames travelers, and vice versa, for the slow process.

The checkpoint lines are shorter, but American Airlines and the TSA are trying to shave down that wait time even more.

They are installing new screening equipment at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport that would reduce the wait time by 30 percent.

New belts will draw luggage into the X-ray machine, and radio frequency identification tags will ensure that TSA agents are pulling the correct bag out if it needs additional screening.

American and the TSA will also test computed tomography technology to screen carry-on bags at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

It will allow travelers to keep their laptops and TSA-approved liquids packed.

“This … is an important step in enhancing the traveler experience while maintaining effective security,” TSA administrator Peter Neffenger said in a statement.

Enhancing traveler experience might be a stretch, but we’ll take not having to take out our laptops, putting them in a separate bin while trying to take off shoes any day.