Turf for all FWISD high schools possible

The debate over whether Fort Worth high schools can use bond money from the 2013 election for practice field artificial turf instead of for upgrading field houses may be finished.

And the proposed solution is a good one.

Interim Superintendent Patricia Linares says sufficient money for the project is available in the district’s internal service fund and may be transferred to the general fund with school board approval. No bond monies would be shifted to cover the costs.

Arlington Heights and Paschal high schools already have turf fields. They would be eligible for in-kind capital improvements for athletic needs or loan forgiveness on outstanding balances still owed to the district by the booster clubs that independently financed the turf.

The solution means parity for all 13 of FWISD’s high schools and the preservation of the voter-approved bond projects.

The board should approve the plan Tuesday night.