Exchange zones can make holidays safer


The “Exchange Zone” in Bedford.
The “Exchange Zone” in Bedford. Star-Telegram

Have you ever wanted to sell something on Craigslist, just to back out because of the prospect of having a stranger come to your home to pick up the merchandise?

That fear, fueled by news stories of robberies during transactions, can keep prospective sellers from posting their PlayStation 3 for sale online.

But cities are trying to curb the dangerous variables in e-commerce by setting up areas for safe, public transactions.

Arlington is the most recent city in Tarrant County to set up a Safe Exchange Zone — a designated, well-lit and monitored area for e-commerce.

Arlington’s zone is the parking lot of the Ott Cribbs Public Safety Building on Division Street.

The city joins a (we hope) growing list with Bedford, Euless and North Richland Hills.

Exchange zones will help curb the potential violence surrounding these transactions.

So list that PlayStation 3 with some peace of mind. There is a safer way to do e-commerce.