Martin tops list of candidates for mayor of Euless

Historically speaking, changes at the top of the political ladder in Euless are rare. Mayor Mary Lib Saleh decided not to run for re-election this year, opening the seat for the first time since she won it in 1993.

Before that, Harold Samuels was mayor for 18 years.

It’s clear that Euless voters like to make the right choice for mayor and leave things be. Fortunately for them, three smart people are running for the job in the May 10 election.

Tim St. Clair, 44, is a small-business owner who says he believes the City Council needs more age diversity, “somebody that’s got the perspective of somebody my age … not so much the retired community.”

Linda Martin, 67, has served on the council since 2004. She says “experience counts,” and she wants to continue to apply what she has learned about leading the city’s 53,000 residents and continuing its economic development progress.

Darl Easton, 67, is a retired airline pilot who ran for the council last year. He has pushed for more transparency at City Hall, urging the council repeatedly to broadcast its meetings live on the Internet.

All three speak earnestly about their desire to devote their time for the benefit of their city.

Martin stands out above the other two. Neither of her opponents has the experience she has in dealing directly with city issues, and neither offers evidence of flaws in city government operations.

St. Clair’s sincerity aside, he pushes for an “open door toward developers” but is unable to specify concrete steps needed for that. Martin can point to significant development projects in the works that have been steered by current Euless leadership.

While Easton’s fight for open government and his investment of time on city issues are admirable, serious questions have been raised about whether his legal residence is in Euless. He owns a home there but says he is unable to claim it as his homestead. He also lives at his wife’s homestead in Bedford.

The Star-Telegram Editorial Board recommends Linda Martin for mayor of Euless.