Stickland in a fight in Austin

Bedford Republican state Rep. Jonathan Stickland has gotten himself into a bit of hot water with some of his colleagues in the House — through no fault of his own, he insists.

This might be a good time to remind him that, no matter who is to blame for personal disagreements, he still needs 75 friends in the House if he is to pass legislation on behalf of his District 92 constituents.

Stickland’s latest dust-up came Thursday when Transportation Chairman Joe Pickett, D-El Paso, delayed committee consideration of Stickland’s red-light-camera bill and had Stickland removed from the hearing room.

Pickett says Stickland falsified documents about witnesses set to testify on his bill.

Stickland says Pickett was peeved at him because he had delayed consideration of a Pickett bill on the House floor. A House ethics committee is going to sort it all out.

In a statement Monday, Stickland wrote, “I am not down here to make friends but to defend life, liberty, and fight for limited government.”

If he’s always looking for a fight, that’s probably what he’ll find.