Cheers and Jeers

Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) in the movie La La Land, winner of seven Golden Globe awards.
Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) in the movie La La Land, winner of seven Golden Globe awards. Lionsgate

Jeers: To La La Land elites who use movie award ceremonies to inflict their political opinions on us. If I want leftist propaganda I’ll turn on MSNBC.

George Klecan,

White Settlement


Jeers: To U.S. Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz for making it impossible to contact them directly. Recordings direct callers to their websites to send a form email that is answered about eight weeks later by another form email. I would like to express my opinion to them and have it properly acknowledged.

Karen Allen, Arlington


Jeers: To a cable TV company. Because of my two old TV sets, their signal box doesn’t work. My bill skyrocketed and they have no package to offer me.

Norma Dixson, Arlington


Cheers: To whoever paid for our dinner at Boo-Ray’s in Hudson Oaks.This was very generous of you. Both of these vets served with the 2nd Infantry Division, my friend during the Korean War and myself during the Cold War. I will pass this on to another vet.

G.W. Smith, Joshua


Jeers: To the pizza franchises that don’t take the 50-percent-off online coupons. If this is how you treat your customers, my business will be going elsewhere.

Randy Geisel, Arlington


Cheers: To J&N Auto Service in Fort Worth. Freezing weather wreaks havoc with cars. During the recent icy blast my car suddenly developed serious problems. J&N to the rescue! I took my ailing car in at a busy time and J&N responded with timely, excellent service that resolved the problems.

Timothy W. Stevens,

Fort Worth


Jeers: To the Texas Department of Transportation for their inability to deal with even a “dusting” of snow. The city was once again paralyzed by .03 inch of snow because TxDOT can’t sand bridges, overpasses and underpasses. We will never get another Super Bowl or similar until TxDOT can figure out how to deal with minimal bad winter weather.

C.M. Persons, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Steve Busby. He has more baseball savvy, especially with pitching, than any three network announcers combined. His broadcasts and timing with Tom Grieve were far better than any other team in the business.

Pat Sullivan, Denton


Cheers: To the Texas Health Fort Worth emergency department for the great care I received from Jen H. Lance, Victoria and Dr. McCarthy. I appreciate the time they took to care for me while I was sick, and for quickly getting me in and out of the ER so I could get home and rest.

Lauren Rowe, Saginaw


Cheers: To the police officer who paid for my lunch at the Chick-fil-A drive-thru on Bryant Irvin Road. Your kindness was appreciated. I would like to thank you and your fellow officers for your unconditional service to our community. Continue to be safe.

Rene Chandler, Fort Worth


Jeers: To the woman who shopped at J.C. Penney. She left a mess of clothes on the floor of the dressing room. Most were inside out, and they were all wadded up on the floor. Try to think of the next person to try those clothes.

Janice Spooner, Bedford


Cheers: To Ajax Glass and its employees, especially John and his assistant, who gave personal, professional service to repair a patio door within a tight schedule during especially bad winter weather. Thank you for your help.

Guelma B. Hopkins,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To the nicest man, Jerry, who paid for my groceries Christmas Eve at the Albertsons on Western Center Boulevard. I will pay it forward. Thank you so much.

Marie Pettus, Fort Worth


Jeers: To a national retail store chain. I was having a refrigerator delivered. It never arrived — no explanation — and forget their “website tracking” (it does not work). Finally, after several complaints, someone contacted me to say the truck had broken down.

Christle Goble,

Grand Prairie


Cheers: To Kristen Landry at state Sen. Kelly Hancock’s office for excellent service. She is greatly appreciated.

Elaine Washington,



Cheers: To Mike of the Haltom City maintenance department, who cared enough to watch out for my safety while my dog and I walked in a nearby park. Thanks to Mike for being so courteous!

Sandy Allen, Haltom City


Jeers: To KERA for changing KERA World/Channel 13.2 to a KERA Kids children’s channel. The loss of KERA World deprives us of interesting programs on the world and also news which broadens our outlook and keeps us informed.

Jennifer Murman,

Fort Worth