Campus carry costs?

Despite opposition from some of the state’s biggest university systems, the Legislature is poised to pass “campus carry” gun legislation this session.

That will come at a huge financial cost to schools, which will need more officers, training, storage facilities and security technology — or so say opponents of the bill.

The University of North Texas System estimates the burden imposed by allowing concealed-carry handguns on campus will include $1 million in upfront costs and ongoing expenses of as much as $250,000.

Since the law would allow universities to establish rules regarding gun storage in dormitories and other residential facilities, schools will certainly incur some unintended fees as they balance compliance with campus safety.

But the estimates offered by some universities seem exaggerated. Additional campus police, for example, seem unnecessary since only qualified and trained concealed handgun license holders (who must be at least 21) should not justify an increased law enforcement presence.

There are legitimate concerns to be aired about campus-carry legislation, but inflating potential financial costs does little to advance them.