New registration system

Institute a new system for registering motor vehicles in Texas, throw in a new statewide computer system that has glitches on the first day, and you instantly have a recipe for confusion and frustration.

Hundreds of Tarrant County residents found that out Monday when they went to register their vehicles under Texas’ new “two steps, one sticker” plan, which is supposed to save the state money and make things simpler for vehicle owners.

Beginning this month, only the renewed registration sticker will be placed on front windshields. An annual inspection is still required in order to obtain a registration, but there will be no sticker.

Instead, once inspected, the results will be entered into a computer that can be accessed by clerks issuing registrations. Of course, the computer system needs to be operating properly.

Many people are confused as to whether they should get an inspection even if their current inspection has not expired.

Take the time to learn how the new system will work during this transition year. Go to: txdmv.gov.