Bud Kennedy

State Board of Education forum turns into Monday night mayhem

Texas Republicans have U.S. Senate challenger Steve Stockman for snarky, below-the-belt campaign entertainment.

In Tarrant County, we have Lady Theresa Thombs.

In a rock-’em-sock-’em campaign forum, the North Richland Hills Republican with a noble honor title went medieval on her state education board opponents.

She said Fort Worth board member Patricia “Pat” Hardy, a 12-year Republican incumbent, had been a “lifelong Democrat.”

That’s legally impossible, unless Thombs meant in a past life.

But Thombs, self-described on her Twitter page as an “international evangelist” and real estate agent, saved worse scorn for Tea Party challenger Eric Mahroum.

First, she said Mahroum once fell behind on child support. The Tea Party-like Fort Worth 912 Project crowd booed her.

Then, calling him “inexperienced,” she said in an accusatory tone, “His real experience in management is — Chuck E. Cheese!”

When Mahroum spoke, he said he worked out the child support. He replied, “I was a Chuck E. Cheese regional trainer!”

Thombs had said she wanted history lessons written by “experts, not people from some socialist higher education.”

She went on: “We know we didn’t come from monkeys!”

If none of this sounds like high-level thinking in the campaign for the State Board of Education, there’s more.

Thombs’ website made its debut last week.

She wrote that she’s running to fight — her spellings — “adgendas and ideoligies.”

That was right after the part about teaching the basics.

Parents are “criticle,” she wrote, and she’s an “advicate” and “expereinced.”

She summed up her “Mission and Issues” as to “stem the tide of our best and brightest teachers leaving the classroom to pursue other carriers, because they can no longer live with the policies and mandates they no are harmful to their students.”

(Some but not all of the spelling problems have been corrected.)

In a forum wrapup, Thombs warned the crowd of a conspiracy.

In an ominous tone, she said her opponents were “working together” to undermine her.

She may do that herself.

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