Bud Kennedy

Texas is No. 1 again—in hate group recruiting on college campuses

A white supremacist poster was mixed in with other fliers on a TCU bulletin board.
A white supremacist poster was mixed in with other fliers on a TCU bulletin board. Facebook.com

Once again, Texas is No. 1.

We lead the nation in white racist recruiting incidents at our colleges and universities.

A California-based white racist group — basically, neo-Nazis with slick artwork and no swastika — is waging a “Texas Offensive,” papering campuses with fliers, including Saturday at Texas Christian University.

The “American Vanguard” group’s poison posters spread a litany of hatred against our fellow Americans:

▪ Latino Americans: “You’re losing your country, white man! … Mexico’s population has relocated.”

▪ African-Americans: “Africans will make up 40% of the world’s population … with whites at only 9%.”

▪ LGBT Americans: “Protect the family” — depicted as an Anglo man and woman — “Reject degeneracy.”

▪ American Muslims: “Imagine a Muslim free America.”

▪ American Jews: “Had enough of the lying Jewish media’s indoctrination?”

That’s not even all.

Other fliers slam diversity and nondiscrimination policies in general as “cultural Marxism” — an oblique term often used to defend inequality — and attack the U.S. government as “corrupt and bought-out politicians” planning “to replace white Americans.”

The fliers give a website referring to “blood and soil,” a code promoting nationalism.

The national Anti-Defamation League reported Monday on 107 incidents of racists recruiting on campus this school year, not counting the TCU fliers.

Sixteen were in Texas.

“They feel Texas is more receptive,” said Oren Segal, a co-author and director of the ADL Center on Extremism.

Maybe it’s because prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer grew up in Dallas, Segal said. Or maybe it’s just because Texas has more schools.

“You have some alt-right folks there,” he said, using the new “brand” for white nationalists.

“Deep down, these are white supremacist groups. … They believe the white race not only is under attack, but the way to get back on top is at the expense of others.”

Segal said it’s important for college students and leaders to speak out against racism, not to brush it off.

“It requires pushback for communities to say this doesn’t represent them,” he said.

Dallas-based ADL regional director Cheryl Drazin agreed about the uptick in local reports.

“It’s important to have someone stand up and speak out against it, every single time,” she said.

“The greater community has to respond and say this is not acceptable.”

The bulletin-board vandals posting hate signs love getting attention. But not derision.

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