Expect sunny skies today, through weekend

Today’s high should reach 91 degrees, with a low of 71, the National Weather Service says, as an air quality alert continues for North Texas.

Wind speeds will reach 10 to 15 mph during the afternoon, according to the National Weather Service website. Low wind speed contributes to the air quality alert, because without wind the pollution doesn’t disperse, weather service meteorologist Dan Huckaby said.

The temperature pattern should remain the same through the weekend, but chances for rain will reach 20 percent Sunday and stay at 20 percent through the beginning of next week, Huckaby said.

He said the rainy spring season usually ends in June, but usually it doesn’t dry out until mid- to late June.

“This is a bit early for that to happen, but we still have some rain chances,” he said. “We had a really wet period and the spigot has turned off.”

Dallas-Fort Worth Airport has recorded 19.26 inches of rain since the beginning of the year.

Dylan Bradley: 817-390-7984, @dbradley1220