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Fort Worth's transit agency has unveiled a new logo. Here's the explanation behind it

Officials at the Fort Worth Transportation Authority, who recently announced that from now on their agency should be known as Trinity Metro, have unveiled a new logo to go along with the rebranding.

The logo features three triangles that form a letter M. The image soon will adorn buses in the Fort Worth area, and likely will be a key feature on the TEXRail line that is scheduled to open Dec. 31 connecting downtown Fort Worth to North Richland Hills, Grapevine and DFW Airport.

What do you think of the new logo?

Also, what do the triangles stand for? We figured it had something to do with honoring the Trinity River, which cuts through the region.

At second glance, perhaps it reminds readers of the old fallout shelter signs in public buildings during the Cold War era.

Fallout shelter
Fallout shelter sign Public domain

But here's a more detailed explanation from Jennifer Henderson, president of J.O. Design, the company that crafted the image.

"The Trinity River is a natural geographical feature in North Texas that represents not only a mode of transportation, but also has historical significance as the lifeline of civilization," she said in an email. "Commerce and residential growth still surrounds the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Denton, Dallas and beyond. Trinity Metro’s logo is a symbolic trifecta (Trinity) of the community, commerce and future growth, hence why we illustrate the three triangles reversing out the letter 'M.'”

So there you go. The three triangles stand for community, commerce and future growth.

"The triangles are what remain after you take out the M. The three triangles are the Trinity part of Trinity Metro and the M resides in the negative space," Laura Hanna, Trinity Metro spokeswoman, said in an email. "And, of course, the Trinity ties in with the Trinity River and Trinity Railway Express. The triangles don’t represent specific cities, but the overall name is intended to represent a larger region beyond the Fort Worth city limits. We have partnerships with DCTA and DART as well as other cities, so the new name is a better reflection of that."

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