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Burleson police crack down on drivers who ignore I-35 yield sign

Burleson police crack down on Texas motorists who ignore yield sign

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Burleson police are cracking down on motorists who often ignore a simple yield sign on the southbound Interstate 35W frontage road, making it dangerous for drivers trying to exit at Alsbury Road.

“We get a lot of near-misses, and horns honking and brakes squealing,” Sgt. Darin Pool, who oversees the city’s traffic division, said of the yield sign on the southbound frontage road just before the Alsbury Road exit.

Since 2012, 35 crashes have been reported in that area, Pool said.

Burleson police make no secret of their desire to persuade motorists to obey the law on the frontage road. The department posted a message on its Facebook account warning that officers would be randomly monitoring the service road and pulling over violators.

“Both lanes on the service road are required to yield to the traffic on the off-ramp coming from I-35,” the post read.

By Friday afternoon, the post had 974 likes, 765 shares and 354 comments, many from area residents thanking the police for drawing attention to the area, which draws heavy traffic from dozens of stores and restaurants like J.C. Penney and Red Lobster.

“I would love to see officers there around 6 p.m. I have had several close calls there with people who refuse to yield (especially those flying down the far right lane),” resident Holly Graves Hill wrote on Facebook.

Burleson traffic officer Joey McDonald said many motorists exiting I-35W wish to make a right turn into the Burleson Town Center shopping area. Those drivers often must make dangerous right turns into the parking lots because motorists on the frontage road don’t want to let them in, he said.

He said many drivers he pulls over for ignoring the yield sign are surprised, saying they didn’t realize both lanes of the frontage road must stop for traffic exiting the freeway.

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