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Cheap gas is back: Here’s where to fill up for $2 a gallon in Fort Worth area

A 7-Eleven in southwest Fort Worth was selling gas for $2.01 per gallon Tuesday night.
A 7-Eleven in southwest Fort Worth was selling gas for $2.01 per gallon Tuesday night.

Cheap gas is back.

Two months after a gasoline shortage caused long lines and higher prices at North Texas pumps — the result of supply problems at Gulf Coast refineries shut down by Hurricane Harvey — the price of regular unleaded is back around $2 to $2.25 a gallon in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

On Wednesday morning, there were even a handful of places selling gas for less than that.

  • $1.99 at Costco, 8900 Tehama Ridge Parkway in far north Fort Worth, according to GasBuddy, a crowd-sourcing, online tracking service.
  • $1.99 at Drivers Mart, at 3101 North Freeway (near Interstate 35W and 30th Street in Fort Worth).
  • $2.01 at Corner Store, 6044 S Hulen St. in southwest Fort Worth.
  • $2.02 at Shell, 4800 Matlock Road in Arlington.

Statewide, it’s a slightly different story. The average price statewide is $2.23 a gallon, compared to $2.15 a gallon back on Aug. 25 — right before Harvey and its record-smashing rainfall came ashore, according to AAA.

“Some markets are getting back to normal faster than others, which is understandable given the situation,” said AAA spokesman Daniel Armbruster.

But prices should continue to drop in the coming weeks as refinery production rates continue to increase and the seasonal end-off-summer demand for driving decreases, Armbruster said. Also, refineries are switching to their winter blends of fuel, which is cheaper to produce.

The average price per gallon in Fort Worth is now $2.16 a gallon, 1 penny cheaper than the day before Harvey hit, AAA says.

In Dallas, the average cost is now $2.17.

The highest fuel prices in Texas are in El Paso, where the average cost is $2.36 per gallon.

In Houston, the average price is $2.24 per gallon, up from $2.13 a gallon before Harvey hit.

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