Giant Bowie knife will stand in Texas town with the same name

A giant Bowie knife will be unveiled Thursday in Bowie.
A giant Bowie knife will be unveiled Thursday in Bowie. Courtesy

In a town named after Jim Bowie, could there be a more appropriate landmark?

A giant Bowie knife will be unveiled Thursday in Bowie, a town of about 5,000 residents 70 miles northwest of Fort Worth.

City officials say the knife is the largest in existence and hope to have it certified by the Guinness Book of World Records in time for the city’s annual Jim Bowie Days festival in June.

The knife is impressive in size:

20 feet long, including a handle fashioned from a nearby bois d’arc tree.

14-foot-5-inch blade (hollowed out stainless steel).

3,000 pounds.

The knife, which stands at an angle on a 3-foot high base, is designed to withstand winds up to 90 mph and an inch of ice, both of which are fairly common in North Texas. It will be located in Pelham Park, just north of U.S. 81.

The knife was the idea of Bob Hadley, a noted horse trainer and a sculptor. He died in a car wreck in 2013, but his concept lived on.

The Bowie Knife Project was launched by the Bowie Chamber of Commerce later that year. Van Baize, who co-chaired the Bowie Knife Project committee with Bryan Brown, said it took about a year to develop, engineer and obtain permits for the knife.

The knife was designed and constructed by Albert Schlabs, of A.S.A.P. Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Services in Wichita Falls.

“Bryan and I decided to see the project completed in honor of Mr. Hadley,” Baize said. “... The major challenge has been getting people to see the vision of what it can do for the community.”

He said they are still raising money for the knife, but that an anonymous donor provided $100,000 of the $170,000 that the knife cost.

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The giant Bowie knife will be unveiled at noon Thursday at Pelham Park, 413 Pelham Road, Bowie.