Firefighter accused of sexual assault using sausage gets plea offer

Keith Wisakowsky.
Keith Wisakowsky. Ellis County Sheriff’s Office.

One of the Ellis County volunteer firefighters accused of sexually assaulting a man with a broomstick and a sausage during an apparent hazing incident has been offered a plea deal, a district attorney’s office official confirmed.

Keith Wisakowsky, 28, would be sentenced to two years of probation if he pleads guilty to a Class A misdemeanor assault charge, said Ann Montgomery, a spokeswoman for the Ellis County district attorney’s office.

Four other volunteer firefighters, a volunteer fire chief, an assistant chief and a woman accused in the case would have charges against them dropped if Wisakowsky agrees to the deal.

Prosecutors offered the plea deal Friday. An upcoming court date for Wisakowsky is pending. Montgomery could not release further information about the plea offer, but she said Wisakowsky “indicated his acceptance of the offer in court” on Friday.

The incident happened in January 2015 at an Ellis County volunteer fire station southwest of Waxahachie, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

A man told authorities that he had been bent over a couch and held there, face down, while the firefighters assaulted him.

The man threw up after he was released and crawled to the bathroom, according to the affidavit. While he showered, someone took his clothes, the man told authorities.

He exited the bathroom wearing only a towel, but one of the firefighters took that away, the affidavit says. The man ran out of the building to his vehicle and got some shorts.

Wisakowsky was arrested in April 2015 and faced a charge of aggravated sexual assault. Four other firefighters faced aggravated sexual assault charges: Alec Miller, 29, Casey Stafford, 31, Blake Tucker, 21, and Preston Peyrot, 20.

Brittany Parten, 24, was arrested and accused of improper photography or visual recording in connection with filming the incident. Parten was Wisakowsky’s girlfriend, according to a Dallas Morning News report.

Gavin Satterfield, 33, the fire chief at the volunteer station, and William Getzendaner, 36, the assistant chief, were arrested in the case, accused of covering up the incident.

Charges against Parten and the other men are pending until Wisakowsky formally accepts the plea deal in misdemeanor court, Montgomery said.

This report contains information from the Star-Telegram archives.