Adam Kokesh, a little-known presidential candidate, is finally out of a Texas jail

Libertarian presidential candidate Adam Kokesh has finally left the Wise County Jail.

Kokesh’s campaign team posted on Facebook Thursday afternoon that he had been released after posting a bail bond.

Arrested and jailed last week on drug charges, Kokesh had been refusing to post bail after a district judge dropped it from $76,500 to $21,500.

His campaign strategist, Ben Farmer, said Kokesh found a note in his cell that said “Get out, you’re in danger,” so they decided it was time for his 9-day jail stay to end.

Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin disagreed with Farmer’s account, saying no note was found in his jail cell.

“The only notes have been ones he has been passing out — no notes have been going in,” Akin said. “This is all a publicity stunt for him.”

Now, Farmer said they are trying to get Kokesh’s recreational vehicle out of the impound lot.

They will be traveling to Phoenix this weekend the Arizona Libertarian Convention.

Kokesh was pulled over by the Texas Department of Public Safety in Decatur on Jan. 16 — the same day he announced his candidacy — for speeding in his recreational vehicle. A K-9 officer was called and the dog alerted while searching the perimeter of the RV.

He faces charges of marijuana possession, possession of a controlled substance penalty group one and two and tampering with evidence.

The decision to post bail is a change in direction for Kokesh. Earlier Thursday, Farmer said the candidate was ready to sit in the jail as long as needed.

“Obviously, we have bail but he’s refusing to post it because he has been subjected to a gross civil rights violation,” Farmer said.

Kokesh videotaped the traffic stop by DPS troopers until he was ordered to turn off the camera. He had also been stopped earlier the same day by another DPS trooper but was let go.

Kokesh filed a writ of habeas corpus, claiming his detention is unlawful.

He also posted an open letter on his Facebook page, asking the Wise County sheriff to intervene and to arrest the DPS trooper who stopped him.

On his website, the, Kokesh has said if elected president, he would “localize, liberate, or liquidate every federal agency in order to enact the peaceful, orderly dissolution of the entire U.S. Federal Government.”

An Iraq war veteran and gun activist, Kokesh has had previous run-ins with law enforcement.

In 2013, he was arrested on two charges in Virginia, including having a gun while in possession of an illicit drug. In 2017, he was arrested near the White House for failing to appear in Maryland in connection with a 2015 case related to his behavior at a TSA checkpoint.

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