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Cliburn confidential: Nikita Abrosimov

Cliburn confidential

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A series of conversations with the Cliburn competitors

Nikita Abrosimov

Nationality: Russian

Born: Sverdlovsk, Russia

Lives: London, where he is working on his master’s degree at the Royal College of Music.

Age: 24

Background: Abrosimov began playing piano at age 6, at the urging of his father, who hoped he would study music. He gave his first recital at age 14 and has given performances in Italy, France, Switzerland, South Korea, Ukraine, Russia and the States. He earned music degrees at the Balakirev Music College and at Indiana University in South Bend.

Homesick: Abrosimov misses just about everything about his native Russia but especially his wife of four years, Ekaterina, who still lives there.

A travel enthusiast: Abrosimov counts traveling among his greatest pleasures. “I love seeing new places, new countries, new food, museums, nature, culture,” he says.

When he’s not practicing: These days, he is focused on music, but he also enjoys taking walks in the city, reading and swimming.

On the big screen: Abrosimov loves movies, but do not expect to see him at the big summer blockbusters. He prefers small, independent films with compelling stories. “I do not like anything about blockbusters,” he says.

Thoughts on performing: “Performing is so connected to life,” he says. “When you wake up in the morning, you have a plan, but life is unexpected. You do not know what will happen until you go through it. It is the same with with music. It is always exciting. You never know what will happen on stage.”

Cliburn hopes: Initially selected as an alternate, Abrosimov was a late addition to the field of competitors. “I am already happy to be here,” he says. “I don’t have any plans. I will just do my best. We will see how it goes.”

— Sarah Bahari