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The 2019 Cliburn Junior field announced; competitors represent 11 countries

The 2019 Cliburn International Junior Piano Competition and Festival field was announced Wednesday by The Cliburn and will include 24 competitors from 11 countries ranging from ages 13 to 17.

The second edition of the competition will take place May 31-June 8 in Dallas after being at TCU for the inaugural event in 2015. The first three rounds will be at Caruth Auditorium at SMU and the final round will be at Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center and performed with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ruth Reinhardt.

There were 230 applicants for the contest. A selection jury culled through online applications and video submissions. The winner will receive a cash award of $15,000.

The 2019 Cliburn Junior competitors are from the United States (seven), China (five), Canada (three), Japan (three), Hong Kong (two), Armenia, Australia, Austria, Russia, South Korea, and Taiwan (includes two dual representations).

JJ Jun Li Bui, Canada, 14

Quixuan Fan, China, 16

Avery Gagliano, United States, 17

Eva Gevorgyan, Russia/Armenia, 15

Shuan Hern Lee, Australia, 16

Xiaoxuan Li, China, 17

Hao-Wei Lin, Taiwan, 14

Ishan Loomba, United States, 17

Shunta Morimoto, Japan, 14

Hao Rao, China, 15

Benjamin T. Rossen, United States, 16

Kasey Shao, United States, 15

Miyu Shindo, Japan, 17

Chung Yue Tien, Hong Kong, 13

Sarah Tuan, United States, 16

Chun Lam U, Hong Kong, 16

Ray Ushikubo, United States, 17

Naomi Yamaguchi, United States/Japan, 15

JiWon Yang, South Korea, 17

Boao Zhang, China, 15

Johann Zhao, Austria, 15

Xingyu Zhou, China, 14

Harmony Zhu, Canada, 13

Ryan Zhu, Canada, 15

Alessio Bax, SMU artist-in-residence and winner of both the Leeds and Hamamatsu International Piano Competitions, will serve as jury chairman for the competition. Other jurors include: Philippe Bianconi (France), Angela Cheng (Canada), Valery Kuleshov (Russia), Lowell Liebermann (United States), Aviram Reichert (Israel), and Uta Weyand (Germany).

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