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In Fort Worth alone, there are upward of 900 unsolved cases - mostly murder mysteries - that date back to the 1950s.

Some of the cases are eventually solved, but most just go cold.

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Out of the Cold is Produced by Steve Wilson, edited by Steve Coffman and written and narrated by Deanna Boyd

Episode 14


Part 2: Suspicions and a quest for answers

As Irving police continue their search for Megan Beth Johns' killer, friends and family members' suspicions are cast in various directions, including within. But investigators believe a bloody palm print holds the key.

Episode 13


Part 1: A tragic end to a life turned around

Megan Beth Johns had a passion for helping others struggling in life but could it have led someone to fatally stab the 29-year-old woman inside her Irving apartment on Oct. 5, 1994?



A long-awaited cold case trial

Twelve years after the fatal shooting of Martin Munoz, an auto shop owner and married father of three (Ep. 4), a suspect goes on trial.
Trial of man accused of killing Fort Worth auto shop owner

Episode 12


A call for help, a search for a killer

On the morning of March 12, 1984, Dana Bowman was working alone inside a south Fort Worth slipcover shop when a man stabbed her repeatedly with a screwdriver, then ran. The 29-year-old seamstress called for help, but died hours later at a hospital.

Episode 11


A short jog home ends in murder mystery

When her car stalled one April 1986 evening, Teresa Branch, 18, set off to jog the few blocks back to her parents' Arlington home for help. She never made it and was later found raped and murdered in a nearby church parking lot.
DNA composite and aerial view of crime scene

Episode 10


From troubled youth mentor to murder victim

Dallas County juvenile probation officer Ray Hernandez was compassionate yet cautious. Yet, in 2008, police say someone he knew stabbed him 46 times, then set his Grand Prairie house on fire.
DNA composites from Ray Hernandez's cold case

Episode 9


From life of the party to a brutal death

She let a late-night visitor into her Arlington apartment in January 2012. By morning, Irasema Chavez was found dead, stabbed more than 100 times.
Surveillance video and DNA composites from Irasema Chavez's cold case

Episode 8


A young mother's addiction and disappearance

The dark shadow of crack cocaine followed her every step, but was her addiction the reason Felecia Johnson disappeared 24 years ago?

Episode 7


A savage beating and pleas for justice

More than 30 years later, family members are still haunted by the unsolved murder of Milton Hatchell, who was found beaten to death in a north Fort Worth neighborhood, a vicious attack that police said left his face "virtually unrecognizable."

Episode 6


Part 2: A suspect’s history of violence

Since Cheryl Springfield was murdered on Christmas Day 1980, one man remains as a suspect. But Barry Dean Kelly, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of another woman, insists he had nothing to do with Cheryl’s death.

Episode 5


Part 1: Murder under the Christmas tree

With her young son and a niece sleeping nearby, Cheryl Springfield was killed on Dec. 25, 1980 and left near the Christmas tree in her home, the cord of an iron wrapped around her neck. Her case remains unsolved.



Arrest made in father's murder

A Mexican national imprisoned three times for illegally entering the U.S. is accused in the 2007 fatal shooting of Martin Munoz, a beloved husband and father of three.
Mexican national jailed for illegally entering U.S. charged in 2007 Fort Worth murder

Episode Four


A father's murder, a family's enduring pain

Martin Muñoz, an auto shop owner, worked hard so that his three children could have opportunities that he didn't. But a dispute over a tire rim left him dead and his family still heartbroken more than a decade later.

Episode Three


A grandmother's mysterious murder

Margarett Terry had endured a life filled with heartache, burying two children and a husband. If life was fair, she would have died peacefully. Instead, she was murdered inside her home, a crime that remains unsolved - 28 years later.
A grandmother’s life full of loss ends in murder. But who killed Margarett Terry?

Episode Two


Part 2: A Shot in the Dark

More than four decades after 14-year-old Donald Rodger's death, a cold case detective seeks out new evidence to finally move the case forward.

Episode One


Part 1: Melvin Knox's secret

Donald Rodgers, 14, died in his best friend's house on Aug. 7, 1973 - shot in the face and stabbed seven times - but was an intruder to blame?
Gone cold, but not forgotten: Searching for answers in unsolved murder cases