Texas Supreme Court judge helps choking man at Chick-fil-A

Don Willett
Don Willett AP

Texas Supreme Court Judge Don Willett jumped into action outside the courtroom recently, helping a man choking on food at a Chick-fil-A.

Willett — who has been nominated by President Trump to serve on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals — was enjoying some chicken strips at the fast food restaurant, talking on the phone with his wife, when he noticed a customer performing the Heimlich maneuver on a nearby man.

Herson De La Garza, a middle school teacher, was trying to help the choking man, but after a few tries, the customer was still choking, Willett told the Austin American-Statesman in an email.

“I hung up on my wife (first time in 21 years!) and jumped up,” Willett wrote the American-Statesman. “Herson stepped aside, and I gave a quick thrust or two, dislodging the nugget and clearing the airway.”

Willett told the paper he plans to write a letter to De La Garza’s school officials praising his quick work and heroism.

“I implore everyone to get trained on the Heimlich, CPR, and other basic lifesaving skills,” Willett said. “I squeezed my wife and three wee Willetts a little tighter tonight, and we prayed for this man’s dear family. Life is precious — and fleeting.”

Let her speak?

State Sen. Konni Burton recently weighed in on the upcoming movie “Let Her Speak,” starring Sandra Bullock, that will focus on the June 26, 2013, legislative filibuster by former state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth.

Burton represents Senate District 10, which Davis used to represent before she unsuccessfully ran for governor and then moved to Austin.

“Let her speak? Wendy Davis spoke for 11 hours during her filibuster. Then lost that effort,” Burton recently posted on Facebook. “Then she spoke again for 12 months while she ran for governor on the heels of that filibuster. She lost again — overwhelmingly.”

“Ummm, Hollywood, she was allowed to speak. Texans just rejected what she had to say. Y’all think that’s how Hollywood will portray it though??”

’Tis the season

If you’re needing a little Christmas spirit, head to the Texas Capitol.

Two Virginia pines from the Elves Christmas Tree Farm in Denison were delivered there recently, with one headed for the Texas House and the other for the Texas Senate.

Staff members, lawmakers and family have been working to decorate the trees.

Other Christmas trees are spaced out throughout the historic building.

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