‘Words matter’: Bedford lawmaker urges people to tread carefully in online forums

State Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford
State Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford Star-Telegram

As fantasy football season kicks off, state Rep. Jonathan Stickland offers a piece of advice: Watch what you write on the online forums.

“Words matter,” Stickland said, referring to posts he made in his “teens and twenties” on fantasy football forums looking for people to smoke marijuana with and saying that “rape is non existent in marriage.”

“Fantasy Football is one thing but lets not ignore the dangers associated with Fantasy Football forums for immature teenagers. #txlege,” the Bedford Republican tweeted.

Stickland — who said his tweet was prompted by state Rep. Richard Raymond’s proposal to make fantasy football legal in Texas — has apologized for the remarks he made online years ago.

“I was a total idiot in need of forgiveness and grace, and fortunately I got that,” he said. “I am sincerely sorry people were hurt by my stupidity when I was a young man. I wish I could take it back.

“I want people to know words matter and we need to be more careful.”

Back to Texas

The Trump family is headed back to Texas.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his children Ivanka and Donald Jr. will headline fundraisers this month.

Ivanka Trump will be at a Dallas luncheon Sept. 21. The price to get in: $2,700 to $100,000, according to invitations obtained by the Texas Tribune. The presidential candidate himself will attend a Houston fundraiser Saturday; Donald Trump Jr. will attend fundraisers in Midland, Longview and San Antonio.

Donald Trump last month attended a fundraiser in Fort Worth that brought in around $1 million.

The best State Fair

At the opening of a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing chaired by U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobucher suddenly started talking smack about … state fairs. As in Minnesota’s is so much bigger than Texas’.

“We are the largest state fair,” she said. That is based on average daily attendance, but the Texas State Fair gets the bragging rights for total attendance in the U.S. of about 3 million people in 2015, according to Fair Guide USA. But Klobuchar pointed out that Texas’ fair lasts twice as long as Minnesota’s.

Now it may be that the room was full of Texans — the hearing was to consider five judicial nominees for Texas — but Cornyn was still kind of surprised, smiled and said, “I didn’t know we were having an argument about it.”

The Texas State Fair is Sept. 30-Oct. 23 at Fair Park in Dallas.

Warrior 100K

President George W. Bush will host the sixth annual Warrior 100K, a 100-kilometer mountain bike ride for wounded military members Sept. 29-Oct. 1.

Bush and those injured since 9-11 will participate in the ride at the former president’s Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford.

Three of the 17 injured warriors participating are from Texas: Jorge Avalos of Windcrest, James “Andrew” Marr of Argle and Robert Young of Wylie.

An open seat?

U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield, R-Ky., sent shockwaves through Capitol Hill just before Labor Day weekend by resigning, having announced his retirement after a prolonged ethics investigation.

That leaves his chairmanship open.

Whitfield headed the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy and Power. Next in line is U.S. Rep. Pete Olson, R-Sugar Land, the subcommittee’s vice chairman.

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