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Should the Lone Star State make a quick #Texit?

The Texas flag is proudly flown throughout the Lone Star State.
The Texas flag is proudly flown throughout the Lone Star State. Star-Telegram

Now that Britain made its big move, leaving the European Union, perhaps it’s time for states here to make a similar move?

That’s not likely to happen, but social media quickly responded with such suggestions Friday, particularly looking at Texas, where the Texas Nationalist Movement used the overseas news to continue a push for secession.

Instead of #Brexit, the one word reference to Britain’s vote to leave, many started tweeting #Texit to jokingly encourage Texas to leave the country.

“When Texas secedes we’ll have a ready made hashtag: Texit,” tweeted Matt Walsh, a blogger. “Too good to waste. Get on it, Texas.”

“#Texit: Make Texas Mexico again,” a person who refers to herself as Kaylen’s Sister tweeted.

“I love the idea of #texit, but that probably won’t happen without bloodshed. US wouldn’t let us just go. They need us. Desperately,” tweeted Brandon Morse, who describes himself as a front page contributor to RedState.

Secession has been a long-talked-about topic by politicians even at the highest level in Texas.

Then-Gov. Rick Perry even hinted at it in 2009, saying he understands how some Texans might become so frustrated with federal taxes and ever-increasing spending by Congress that they want to secede.

The #Texit hashtag quickly began trending on Twitter Friday, meaning it was one of the most popular topics of the day.

The idea of Florida seceding also created too good a hashtag for some to pass up.

“Your move, Florida. #flexit,” tweeted Jeffrey Young, a health care reporter for the Huffington Post.

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