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We asked 22 Texas Democrats running for Congress whether they'd vote to impeach Trump. Here's what they said

President Donald Trump speaks during the 37th annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, May 15, 2018, in Washington.
President Donald Trump speaks during the 37th annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, May 15, 2018, in Washington. AP Photo

Democrats in congressional runoff races across Texas have talked about issues they'd want to handle if elected to Congress, from health care to the economy — but what do they think about voting to impeach President Donald Trump?

One sitting Texas congressman — U.S. Rep. Al Green of Houston — has been the most vocal about impeachment and introduced now-defunct articles of impeachment against Trump in December.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told The Dallas Morning News last week that she wished Green hadn't made impeaching Trump an issue in the U.S. House of Representatives.

According to Green, Trump's statements on several national controversies had “incited bigotry” against various minority groups and, along with Trump's failure to condemn a deadly white supremacist rally in August, were grounds for impeachment.

Joined by the former detainees, Trump thanked North Korea's Kim Jong Un for releasing the Americans, and said he believes Kim wants to reach an agreement on denuclearizing the Korean peninsula.

Other Democrats have said the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller — who is looking into whether Trump's presidential campaign had any connection to Russian meddling in the 2016 election — could be grounds for impeachment, depending on the final evidence.

On Monday, Green fired back at Pelosi.

“It is regrettable that Leader Pelosi would trivialize President Trump’s hateful discrimination against Jews, Latinos, Blacks, Women, and the LGBTQ community by reducing the President’s harmful bigotry to his 'being a jerk,'’’ Green said in a statement. ‘‘Love for my country will not permit me to allow the President’s bigotry to be trivialized and minimized.”

After relocating from Tel Aviv, the U.S. embassy officially opened in Jerusalem. Israel prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, thanked President Donald Trump for making the move.

The Texas Tribune reached out to the 22 Democrats in congressional runoff races and asked how how they would vote if a Trump impeachment were at stake.

Out of the 22 candidates surveyed, 14 responded and eight did not. Responses from two of the candidates,Lillian Salerno and Colin Allred of Congressional District 32 in Dallas, came during a Dallas Democratic Forum runoff debate moderated by Texas Tribune reporter Brandon Formby.

When it comes to the impeachment of the president, the message varies among Democrats running for Congress. Some candidates told The Texas Tribune they were convinced that there was enough evidence to impeach the president.

However, most Democrats surveyed weren’t so quick to say "yes" to an impeachment — many wanted to wait to weigh the evidence from the Mueller investigation before deciding.

We asked Democrats running for Congress: Would you vote to impeach Trump?

There are 22 Texas Democrats on the ballot for primary runoff races. We asked them all if they would vote to impeach President Trump.

How Democratic runoff candidates responded:


Lorie Burch, Maybe: "It would be inappropriate for me to make a decision based on media reporting alone."

Sam Johnson, Maybe: "I can't know how I would vote on impeachment proceedings, as that must necessarily be a case-by-case analysis."


Jana Lynne Sanchez, Maybe: "Until Mr. Mueller concludes his investigation, I believe Democrats should remain focused on the economy."

Ruby Faye Woolridge, Maybe: "....what I would do as the Congresswoman is that I would study the facts, I would look at the articles presented, and if they were valid, I'd have a meeting with my constituents."


Laura Moser, Yes: "These are dangerous times and we cannot normalize Trump's erratic behavior."

Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, Maybe: "Congress must ensure that this investigation is completed, and that if President Trump has committed impeachable offenses must be prepared to bring the charge."


Mike Siegel, Yes: "Removing the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to stop inquiry into Russia's influence of our elections — to me that's an impeachable offense."

Tawana Walter-Cadien, No response


Joseph Kopser, No response

Mary Street Wilson, No response


Sri Preston Kulkarni, Maybe: "The truth is even if we could remove Trump from office, it still wouldn't solve the underlying problem — the underlying problem is how did we get to Trump in the first place?"

Letitia Plummer, Yes: "With what he's done and how he's been able to get away with what he's done is enough for him not to lead us."


Gina Ortiz Jones, No response

Rick Trevino, No response


Julie Oliver, Yes: "Once the case is demonstrable ... that should trigger immediate calls for impeachment, which I would support."

Chris Perri, Yes: “I think there’s enough there as far as obstruction.”


Raul (Roy) Barrera, No response

Eric Holguin, No response


Mary Jennings ""MJ" Hegar, No response

Christine Eady Mann, Maybe: “I am in favor of sending a resolution to the House Judiciary Committee for the purpose of investigating if there are sufficient grounds to support impeachment."


Colin Allred, Maybe: "We need to make sure the Mueller probe is protected and that it's able to reach its conclusion."

Lillian Salerno, Maybe: "I'm for sure if that there was an impeachment proceedings that was sufficient evidence, of course we'd go for impeachment."

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