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Fort Worth contractor unveils its vision for U.S.-Mexico border wall

A Fort Worth company that wants to build part of the Trump administration’s proposed border wall envisions part of the wall in solid concrete and other sections with see-through steel mesh.

Penna Group has made public some artist renderings of how the wall might look and has posted a video of the images on its website.

“If you’re in a less densely-populated area, the option might be better to have a solid wall,” said Michael Evangelista-Ysasaga, Penna Group’s owner. “Other solutions, like double-wire mesh, you might want to have some visibility in densely-populated areas because you will want to know what’s happening on the other side.”

The company could build the wall at a rate of about one mile a day, whether the materials were mostly concrete or steel, he said.

Another option could be to insert see-through “electro chrome” plastic or glass panels in portions of the mesh wall that could alternate between see-through or opaque settings with the click of a button, he said. Border Patrol agents or other law enforcement groups could then change the opacity of the wall based on their needs any given day, he said.

The company took many factors into consideration for its design, including a desire to make the structure physically imposing, difficult to climb over or tunnel under, aesthetically pleasing and equipped with proper drainage, Evangelista-Ysasaga said.

“In preparing our design concepts, Penna Group interviewed dozens of U.S. Border Patrol Agents to gain a fluent understanding of the U.S. Border Patrol’s Operational Mission including comprehensive understanding of: (1) the border law enforcement environment; (2) how the law enforcement environment and its operations will be impacted by a wall or other barrier; and (3) how to inclusively accommodate the operational considerations of the border environment,” the company posted on its website.

As reported earlier this week by the Star-Telegram, Penna Group was one of 220 companies nationwide that signed up as interested vendors for the project on the Federal Business Opportunities website.

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