A bicycling pianist took on San Francisco’s famous hills. The hills won, photos show

Screengrab from Instagram

Davide Martello has traveled the world with his baby grand piano in tow behind his bicycle, according to his Instagram page.

He’s given impromptu street concerts in Germany, Paris, Bulgaria, Miami, Montana and Turkey, the page under the name Klavierkunst_ shows.

On Monday, however, a trip to San Francisco didn’t turn out so well for Martello - or his piano, he wrote on Instagram.

Traveling down one of the city’s famous hills on Bay Street on his way to perform at a pier, Martello lost control of his bicycle, KPIX reported.

“I’m very sorry S.Francisco but your roads were too steep and I busted my piano really bad,” Martello wrote on Instagram. “Thank God I jumped right off my bike when I realized that I couldn’t handle it anymore and the speed got out of control. My brakes aren’t designed for S.Francisco grades.”

The crash took place on Russian Hill, which has a 17.4 percent grade, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

A photo with the Instagram post shows the baby grand piano crashed against a curb with what appears to be at least one broken leg and other damage.

Martello wrote that he was unhurt, and the only damage other than to his piano was a scratch on an Uber vehicle. He said a German passer-by helped him gather his equipment.

“And I am very thankful that I’m still alive,” Martello wrote on the Instagram post.

Martello has no GoFundMe or other crowdfunding campaign to repair the damage to his piano, KPIX reported. He’s working with someone to see if the piano can be salvaged.

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