Watch mama duck's reaction as firefighters try to rescue her babies from storm drain

A duck walking her tiny ducklings toward the Vistula River through a street in Warsaw, Poland, Tuesday, May 8.
A duck walking her tiny ducklings toward the Vistula River through a street in Warsaw, Poland, Tuesday, May 8. Associated Press

Remember, your mother loves you this much, too.

Cameras were rolling in Gilbert, Ariz., as firefighters there responded to a family emergency.

They wouldn't have to pull anyone from a flaming house this time, though.

The family emergency in this case involved a frantic mama duck and her babies. Her ducklings fell into a storm drain on April 27 near Recker and Williams Field roads, according to KNXV.

Gilbert Fire and Rescue officials waited to post the video to their Facebook page until Wednesday, using the save-job as reminder that the shopping days until Mother's Day were dwindling.

Remember, your mom loves you this much, too. Fire and Rescue workers in Gilbert, Ariz. made one Momma Duck's Mother's Day when they pulled her ducklings free from a storm drain. Mother Duck paces back and forth, quacking frantically during the rescue

"Every mama needs a little help from time to time and our crews are happy to help whenever we can," the department wrote in its post. "It is safe to say our new Mama Duck friend has all of her ducklings in a row for her special day."

The mother duck can be seen in the video pacing back and forth in the street and quacking in distress as rescue workers pull the ducklings out one or two at a time.

At one point in the video, when three of her ducklings had been pulled out of the drain, their mother goes into the drain to try to help the firefighters pull out the rest of her babies.

Seven ducklings were returned to their mother's care in the rescue effort.

The family, reunited, can be seen waddling down the sidewalk, single-file before the video ends. It had been viewed more than 19,000 times on Facebook as of Saturday morning — with mere hours of one shopping day remaining before Mothers Day — and shared more than 420 times.

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