Whoa, babies! Firefighters in small Iowa town welcome six in seven months

Six babies have been born in seven months to members of the Mediapolis Fire Department in Iowa.
Six babies have been born in seven months to members of the Mediapolis Fire Department in Iowa. Facebook

Imagine all those birthday candles.

Good thing daddy knows a thing or two about fire safety.

Six babies have been born within seven months among the crew at the Mediapolis Fire Department in Iowa. The baby boom started last August. The last baby was born in early March.

“The running joke was that we were without fire calls for a while,” 29-year-old firefighter Adam Welp, whose son was born in February, told “Inside Edition.” “We didn’t plan it or anything; it just kind of snowballed.

“We’ve been having a baby shower a month for the last seven months. It’s been kind of fun.”

Another bit of quirk: According to KCCI in Des Moines, the first-time dads all had girls and the second-timers had boys. Final tally: Three girls, three boys.

“It was like one got pregnant and then somebody else did and somebody else did and then all the announcements came out,” Megan Brockett, one of the mothers, told KWQC in Davenport, Iowa.

The whole town is buzzing about the fire babies. People, including the department’s captain, are joking that there must be something in the water.

“It's been fun to go through it with everybody else, and it’s definitely helpful that we’re all going through it together,” firefighter Tom Brockett told WQAD in Moline, Ill.

Photos of the firefighters with their new babies at the firehouse, posted to the department’s Facebook page, have gone viral. One picture shows the babies lying on top of their dads’ gear.

The firefighters plan to make the photo shoot a yearly tradition.

The new arrivals have strengthened the family-like bonds between the department’s 22 members. And just like a family they’ve already figured out emergency child-care contingencies.

“When we respond to a fire call, usually one of the other moms will come up with their husband, and we’ll all leave (our babies) there so they can play together,” Welp told “Inside Edition.” “We also hang out and see each other a lot, so we’ll bring them all around for that.”

Some of the dads are already talking about their babies following in their volunteer footsteps — booties to boots.

“We should have a lot of applications in another 18 years,” firefighter Seth Eberhardt told KWQC. “They’ll all be best friends, I’m sure.”