Fort Worth

Best and worst cities for Texas families?

Good news for Southlake: You’ve been rated the best city in Texas for families.

Bad news for Fort Worth and Arlington: You’ve been rated 62nd and 68th, respectively, out of 112.

Worse news for Dallas: You’re No. 107.

The ratings come from WalletHub, a personal finance website that does a lot of best-and-worst comparisons and numbers crunching. In this case, WalletHub compared 112 of the largest cities in Texas based on 21 metrics that evidently show how suitable each city is for families.

The measures included number of playgrounds per capita, number of attractions, median family income, housing affordability, number of families with kids, divorce rate, families living below the poverty line and violent crime.

Southlake ranked No. 1 overall and first in the category of education, health and safety, and in affordability. That’s right, affordability. It’s calculated based on median annual family income divided by housing costs in the city and by the cost-of-living index.

No. 2 overall is University Park (home of Dallas’ wealthy). Colleyville comes in at No. 3, Allen No. 4 and Flower Mound No. 5. Keller makes the top 10 at No. 8. Austin ranks just below Fort Worth at 63. (Both are tops in attractions, but Fort Worth is among those with the fewest playgrounds.) Worst overall? Weslaco.

Not everyone buys into WalletHub’s indexes and analyses, and there are some anomalies here. For example, in the “family life and fun” category, Brownsville comes in at No. 1. That seems odd, given the lack of “family life and fun” news releases we see out of Brownsville. Then again, Fort Worth is rated No. 3, so we can’t put up too big an argument here. Wichita Falls is No. 4 and Killeen No. 5. Southlake is a middling 31. More doubt. In the affordability category, Dallas ranks dead last. Go figure.

Here are the main findings and methodology used for the report. Judge for yourself. And here’s a helpful map:

Source: WalletHub

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