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Texas Law Hawk’s latest ad features bikinis, Butts and a jet ski jump

Bryan Wilson rides to the rescue in his new commercial, posted Thursday.
Bryan Wilson rides to the rescue in his new commercial, posted Thursday. YouTube

Fort Worth criminal lawyer Bryan Wilson burst onto the scene, literally, in 2015 with a series of silly and surreal internet ads featuring him riding a minibike, wearing a Lucha Libre wrestling mask, stomping around the Stockyards and screeching for justice.

His Texas Law Hawk ads went viral -- the October 2015 commercial has nearly 1.7 million view on YouTube -- and the fresh-faced Wilson even earned a spot in Taco Bell’s Super Bowl commercial alongside Houston Rockets star James Harden.

Now the Law Hawk is back, sinking his “talons of justice” into a summertime topic: sobriety tests on the high seas.

The new ad, posted Thursday, features Wilson, the 29-year-old Texas Tech grad, riding a red, white and blue jet ski to the rescue when mean ol’ Officer Butts and his little-person partner (both recurring characters) try to force a trio of bikini-clad party girls to take a breathalyzer test.

“Anchor of justice!” Wilson hollers after crashing through a warning sign and dropping a duct-taped anchor onto the police paddleboat.

The whole oddball affair is like watching an episode of WWE Raw crossed with a Felini film. So fun.

And, yes, that is Wilson doing his own stunts.

“That jet ski jump was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” he said Thursday. “The whole thing happened so fast. I was just glad I was able to land the jump without breaking any bones.”

Wilson said his teenage dream while attending Paschal High School in Fort Worth was to be a stuntman, “so this is really cool, I get to be sort of an ill-prepared stuntman.”

By the way, that is the Paschal baseball field where he’s popping a wheelie on his minibike and sliding head-first into home in his suit and tie.

Officer Butts? That’s his best friend since high school, Nic Butts, hamming it up as the maniacle, misguided policeman.

Wilson’s ads aren’t just over-the-top funny; they’re working.

“I have more clients than I really know how to deal with,” said Wilson, who is in court four to five days a week and planning on hiring some help. “It’s definitely been good for business. People see me and point, and some leave funny voicemails on my phone. But I take my cases very seriously, and my clients know that.”

He acknowledges that not everyone loves the ads -- especially other lawyers -- but every commercial is sent to an advertising review committee and he hasn’t had one rejected yet.

The new ad is already earning rave reviews from Wilson’s You Tube subscribers: “Brilliant ... Epic as always ... I was lauging so hard I was crying and peeing in my chair.”

Best of all, Texas Law Hawk fans won’t have to wait long for another insane adventure.

He and his close-knit group of friends who help him shoot and edit the commercials have already filmed the next one, and he thinks it will be released in late August or early September.

There’s also talk of a blooper reel.

“I’ve learned a lot of lessons (doing my own) commercials and stunts,” Wilson said. The first one is that “I’m not invincible.”

Fort Worth attorney Bryan Wilson, aka The Texas Law Hawk, doesn't appear to know what Taco Bell's got planned for its Super Bowl product launch, airing Sunday. This behind-the-scenes teaser was provided by Taco Bell.