Fort Worth

Tarrant appraisal notices leave out May 31 protest deadline

It wasn’t an April Fools joke, even if it confused some residents.

On April 1, the Tarrant Appraisal District mailed out appraisals to 300,000 property owners that incorrectly stated the deadline to protest their appraisal.

By law, property owners have to file a protest before June 1 or 30 days after the notice is mailed if it is later than the deadline.

But the 300,000 appraisals, which were sent to residential property owners, left out the sentence telling property owners they have until the end of May to formally protest their appraisal. It makes it seem that property owners only have until May 1.

“It was an inadvertent printing error,” said chief appraiser Jeff Law.

The notices encourage property owners to file a protest as quickly as possible. But Law said everyone has the legal right to protest until May 31.

“We would not deny anyone the right to protest,” Law said.

The appraisal district hasn’t had many property owners calling about the printing error and he said the number of people protesting this month hasn’t been any higher than previous years.

“We’re trying our best to let people know,” Law said. “We’ve had some phone calls and some walk-in traffic but I wouldn’t say it’s been anything out of the ordinary.”

The appraisal district still has business personal property notices scheduled to be mailed on April 15. Those notices should include the correct information on the protest deadline.