Fort Worth

Rosie the Riveter garden groundbreaking will honor Tarrant County Rosies

The American Rosie the Riveter Association will bring together Rosies, World War II veterans and the community Friday to break ground for the first of what the association hopes will be many Tarrant County Rosie gardens.

Leslie Garvis, president of the Fort Worth Rosie the Riveter Association, said the garden will help honor Rosies who did everything from build airplanes to craft sights for guns during World War II.

“They were just in the communities doing what needed to be done,” Garvis said. “There’s no list of names compiled to honor them. That’s something we want to do.”

Garvis said the Rosie the Riveter Association hopes to have a Rosie the Riveter Rose Garden, with the signature, specially designed Rosie the Riveter rose.

“Even if it’s just one rose bush with a sign that would be huge,” Garvis said.

The groundbreaking is open to the public. The event takes place at the Vintage Flying Museum in Fort Worth at 10 a.m.

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