Fort Worth

This TCU professor mapped 125 taco restaurants in Fort Worth. You’re welcome.

Over the summer, some of the professors at the TCU Center for Urban Studies set out to try all of the taco restaurants in Fort Worth.

When they realized that they didn’t know how many there were, Sean Crotty decided to make it easier: He mapped them.

“I’m a geography professor so building maps is one of the things I like to do,” Crotty said. “It was a nerdy side project, really.”

One night, Crotty sat down and wrote the code to scrape review sites like Yelp and Google Maps. After that, he compiled the findings on a map.

While it’s not a definitive list of every restaurant that serves tacos, one of its unique features is that it only includes local, independent taco restaurants. For example, Crotty explained Salsa Limón has several locations around the city but the map only lists the first one that opened in Fort Worth.

He also took the time to analyze the data.

“I would say there isn’t an exclusive correlation with Hispanic neighborhoods and taco shops, but it sort of fits what you would expect largely about neighborhoods where large Hispanic populations in Fort Worth have more taco shops,” Crotty said. “With the exception of downtown and the core of the city, which also has a lot, and that’s more ethnically diverse than perhaps neighborhoods where 60 percent or more are Latino.”

As for Crotty’s favorite place?

“I would have to say Tacos La Banqueta on Hemphill Street, I can fully endorse everything that they make there,” he said with a laugh. “My other favorite place is Los Pastores on East Rosedale Street. Shout-out to the owner David Salgado; his work is amazing.”