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Defendant accused of trading sex with a child for meth

Thomas Crick, 31, is serving 30 years in prison for engaging in sexual conduct with a child. A relative of the child is on trial on a charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child.
Thomas Crick, 31, is serving 30 years in prison for engaging in sexual conduct with a child. A relative of the child is on trial on a charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child. Tarrant County Jail

The defendant cried Tuesday after hearing testimony by the girl whom she is accused of prostituting for methamphetamine.

The girl cried, too.

The defendant, Leticia, 33, of Fort Worth, and the girl, now 14, had not seen each other in two years until Leticia’s trial began in state District Judge Scott Wisch’s courtroom.

Leticia is charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child under 14. Authorities say she turned a blind eye to the sexual assault in exchange for the meth that the assailant provided.

The maximum sentence is life in prison.

The Star-Telegram is using only the defendant’s first name to avoid identifying the girl because the newspaper generally does not identify victims of sexual assault.

The girl’s assailant, Thomas Crick, 31, of Fort Worth, was sentenced in September to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to trafficking of a child/engaging in sexual conduct.

In January 2013, authorities separated Leticia and the girl and arrested Crick after relatives of the girl began to suspect that Crick, who was supposed to be baby-sitting the girl, was sexually assaulting her.

The girl, then 12, told investigators that Crick had raped her repeatedly since September 2012. She said that he was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood but that he was trying to get out of the group.

The girl first visited Crick’s Fort Worth home in September 2012 with Leticia. When the girl and Leticia returned home, the girl testified, she was told to pack a bag and prepare to spend the night with Crick.

The girl testified that she and Crick had sex that night and every night they spent together for nearly four months. Many of those nights, they smoked meth, the girl testified. Sometimes she stayed at his house for a week.

Sometimes Crick used a condom and sometimes he did not, according to an investigator’s report based on a Jan. 31, 2013, interview with the girl. Crick’s mother sometimes took the girl to a drugstore to get a morning-after pill so she would not get pregnant, the girl testified.

The girl told an investigator that the meth made her “feel weird” and that she “would have a tingle feeling in her arms and legs and that Thomas [Crick] would give it to her before they would have sex,” the report said.

Crick gave the girl the same drug to take to Leticia, the report said. Leticia never gave the girl money to give to Crick in return, the report said.

The girl described for the investigator an “Aryan Pride” tattoo on the back of Crick’s head and another across his back that said “something versus demons.” Crick also had a “Nazi sign” tattooed on his upper left arm and a picture of Hitler on his stomach, she told the investigator.

The girl told two aunts what was happening, and the aunts called authorities. One aunt took the girl to Cook Children’s Medical Center for a sexual assault examination and reported that her niece was disoriented.

“She reeked of drugs,” the aunt testified. “She was tired because she had been up all night before.”

“This is a sad reality in the life of some children. Their parents are not there to protect them,” said prosecutor Melinda Westmoreland, who is presenting the case with prosecutor Eric Nickols.

Leticia’s attorney, Wes Ball, told jurors in his opening statement that Leticia did not know about the drugs or the sex.

“Where’s the proof that she knew?” Ball asked the jury. “For a conviction, you have to know that the offense was committed and you have to know that the offense will continue to be committed.”

Testimony is scheduled to continue Wednesday.

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