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Cowboys games calm crying, hurting Fort Worth baby

Lola Catron watching her favorite team.
Lola Catron watching her favorite team. Love for Lola Facebook page (via WFAA)

One of the Cowboys’ biggest fans Sunday might be tiny Lola Catron, a 3-month-old girl who was born with a congenital heart defect.

Lola has been in Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth since Christmas, and underwent her second open-heart surgery last week. The procedure left her with headaches, causing her to cry in pain.

But her mother, Laura, soon discovered a distraction: When the Cowboys played football, Lola’s tears stopped.

“That is what calms her down is football,” her mother told WFAA.

Catron is convinced it’s not a fluke. When the Cowboys aren’t playing, she told the TV station, she’ll find one of the team’s old games on YouTube for her baby girl.

Lola, her chest bandaged from the surgery, will then lie quietly in her hospital bed.

One video posted to her family’s “Love for Lola” Facebook page shows Lola calmly watching the Cowboys play the Philadelphia Eagles.


Thank you everyone for your suggestions on how to calm Lola down, and I tried them. But it looks like she just likes the Dallas Cowboys. #LoveforLola #3shotsofCatron #Cutestlittlecowboysfan

Posted by Love for Lola on Sunday, January 8, 2017

“Come hang out with my kid and you’ll know that it’s real,” Laura Catron said. “It’s real because she loves the Cowboys.”

Said her father, Bryan Catron, to Fox 4, “It’s literally instantaneous. She just stops and watches the TV. And I’m like, ‘All right, I’m in with the Cowboys.’ 

Lola’s parents have documented her journey on Facebook — the posts show the cuteness of her Cowboys’ fanhood but also her daily battle with her heart condition. She went through one of her roughest nights this week, on Tuesday, suffering from headaches until she had to be sedated, her mother wrote in a post early Wednesday morning.

“Please remember that this story revolves around one thing and it’s not just the Cowboys,” the post said. “It’s [congenital heart defect]. It’s this evil thing that has robbed our daughter of a normal childhood.”